70 girls forced to strip in Muzaffarnagar, made to sit naked in classroom


In a shocking development, a warden of a residential school in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar allegedly threatened and forced 70 girls to strip.

The incident has prompted the authorities to launch an investigation.

girls strip muzaffarnagar

A report by NDTV also said that the girls from Kasturba Gandhi Residential School were made to sit naked in their classroom. The girls in question were made to remove their clothes to reportedly check if they were menstruating.

District education officer Chandrakesh Yadav said that the warden allegedly threatened the students of dire consequences if they disobeyed her command, District Primary Education Officer Chander Kesh Yadav said.

“There was no teacher around. We were called downstairs (from the hostel). Madam made us take off our clothes saying she will beat us if we did not. We are kids, what could we do? She would have beaten us if we did not obey her,” one of the students was quoted as saying.

One parent said, “She forced the girls to take off their clothes. How are we supposed to react? When I read about the incident in the paper, I asked my daughter and she told me the whole story.  She said that even she was made to remove her clothes and the teacher tortured them.”

The warden, for her part, has denied the allegations.

She said, “No one asked them to remove clothes. All this is a conspiracy by the staff because they do not want me to stay here. I had been asked to check whether the staff were performing their duties. I am strict, that is why they hate me.”

Uttar Pradesh’s Power Minister Shrikant Sharma on Friday condemned the development and promised a probe by the relevant authorities.

He said, “We were informed through the media; the concerned officers have been given instruction to carry out the investigation.”


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