Four Muslims returning from Eid shopping lynched in Haryana, one thrown out of train


In another shocking incident of hate crime against Muslims in a BJP-ruled state, four members from the community returning from Delhi after Eid shopping were attacked on Thursday resulting the death of a 16-year-old youth.

According to the survivors, the four Muslim from Haryana’s Ballabhgarh had come to Delhi for Eid shopping and were returning home when they were confronted by goons inside the train.

Their attackers entered the same coach at Okhla station and ordered the Muslim youths, who were travelling in that coach from Sadar Bazar, to vacate the seats for them. When they refused, they attacked the Muslim youths before hurling abuses using their Muslims identity.

One victim Junaid was then thrown out of the train resulting in his death.

This gory incident continued for several minutes between Delhi and Ballabhgarh, but the there was no intervention from either the cops or members of railway authority. One of the victims later said that they had even pulled the emergency chain, meant to stop the train in the event of a distressed situation. But even this did not ensure the intervention from the railway authority.

The four victims, according to NDTV, have been identified as Junaid, Hasib, Shakir and Mohsin. The FIR has been filed by another survivor, Hasib. Junaid, who died of injuries, was Hasib’s brother.

Such was the extent of attack on the Muslim youth that the coach where they were attacked was drenched with their blood.

BJP-ruled states have become notorious for Hindutva militancy. In 2015, Muslims were driven out of their village in Ballabhgarh because they had decided to construct a mosque with the Haryana High Court’s permission.

Even after their days of protests, the state’s BJP government had simply not bothered to intervene and bring the culprits to task.

Lynching of Muslims have become a new normal under the BJP government. There have innumerable episodes of Muslims being brutally killed with the perpetrators often having allegiance to the militant Hindutva outfits.





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