Eyewitness says he saw women being taken into fields in Murthal


An eyewitness on Saturday confirmed that he had seen over 100 people take some women into  the fields.

Sukhwinder, truck driver, told ANI, “I saw over 150 people come from the other side. They were taking nearly 50 women into the fields. This happened in broad daylight.”

This is the first eyewitness into the Murthal gangarapes on 20 February, when nearly 10 women cummuters travelling to Delhi NCR were stopped and gangraped by Jat protesters and their cars set on fire.

Vehicles with women passengers were stopped on the national highway near Murthal in the wee hours of Monday morning before the protesters dragged them out into the nearby fields and raped.

The police has dismissed the allegation describing it as ‘rumour’ but the various reports said that as many as 10 women were sexually assaulted.

Victims and their families were ‘reportedly advised by the district officials not to report the matter to anyone for the sake of their honour.’


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