Election Commission suspends official for checking Narendra Modi’s chopper in Odisha, faces widespread condemnation


The Election Commission has come under considerable condemnation after it sensationally suspended one of its officers for checking the helicopter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Odisha on Tuesday.

Election Commission

The 1996 batch Karnataka cadre IAS officer, Mohammed Mohsin, was suspended because the Election Commission concluded that the officer had not acted in ‘conformity with the Election Commission’s instructions concerning Special Protection Group or SPG protectees.’

“Checking of the prime minister’s chopper, undertaken at Sambalpur, was not in accordance with the Election Commission guidelines as SPG protectees are exempt from such checking,” news agency PTI quoted a senior official from the national poll body.

Mohsin had decided to check Modi’s helicopter on Tuesday, when the latter visited  Sambalpur to address an election rally.

The Congress had last week alleged that Modi was using his helicopter to transport mysterious trunks allegedly to transport black money, to be used in this year’s Lok Sabha polls. The party had even approached the Election Commission alleging that a mysterious trunk was transported in Modi’s helicopter when he visited Karnataka for an election rally last week.

Far from taking action, the Election Commission has punished an upright official for doing his duty. The late night development has left everyone seething.


The Election Commission has already been facing its biggest ever credibility crisis for being seen to support Modi in this year’s elections. The latest action by an otherwise constitutional body will give credence to allegations that the Election Commission has now effectively turned into an extension of Modi’s personal office.


  1. its a shame on EC for suspending their employee for performing his duty. Maybe because he was a Muslim IAS officer maybe. The laws should apply to one and all. Why is PM and top cream above all of the citizens of india?. Its really a shameful act. NO BOUBT EC IS IN ALL ITS EFFORTS FOR SUPPORTING THE PRESENT PM AND HIS PARTY. But it does not mean that they should overlook their own departments hard work in performing their respective duties.

  2. If SPG protectees are exempt from search by law , the officer definitely overstepped his authority and rightly punished. If, it is considered expedient to search SPG protectees also , then this disabling provision should be amended by parliament. Two sets of rules cannot be kept ; one for Modi and another for others.


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