Election Commission throws open challenge for EVMs hacking, but only after MCD polls


The Election Commission today threw an “open challenge” to people to hack its EVMs, a move which comes after opposition parties urged it to revert to the paper ballot system raising doubts over infallibility of the machines.

EC open challenge
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“From first week of May, experts, scientists, technocrats can come for a week or 10 days and try to hack the machines,” an official source was quoted by PTI.

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They said the challenge will be open for a week or 10 days and will have various levels.

The Commission had announced a similar challenge in 2009 and it claimed no one could hack its electronic voting machines (EVMs).

However Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal questioned the authenticity of the news adding that he had not received any communication from the EC.

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He wrote, “Why are these stories ascribed to “sources”? How credible are they? Why hasn’t EC issued any formal statement? Or is it just a plant? (sic)”


This came after Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote to the CEC expression his reservations on the use of EVMs in this month’s MCD elections. He demanded an immediate withdrawal of EVMs sourced from Rajasthan for the use in Delhi civic body polls.

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He wrote, “All machines sourced from Rajasthan should be immediately withdrawn as they are tampered. All state and nationally recognised parties should be allowed technical examination of some of the machines, which are being used for MCD elections. MCD elections should be held only and only with VVPAT machines.”


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