After Amanatullah, Dilip Pandey accuses Kumar Vishwas of being soft on BJP


Just weeks after Aam Aadmi Party MLA, Amanatullah Khan, sensationally accused senior party functionary Kumar Vishwas of being a BJP agent, Dilip Pandey has questioned why the poet-politician is soft on BJP in Rajasthan.

dilip pandey

In a tweet, the former convener of Delhi’s AAP unit asked, “Brother, you profusely abuse Congress supporters, but you say you wouldn’t speak against (Rajasthan chief minister) Vasundhara (Raje Scindia) in Rajasthan? Why this?”

Vishwas was handed the responsibility to look after the party’s Rajasthan affairs after he allegedly threatened to quit the party post his public spat with Amanatullah.

AAP has announced it will contest polls in Rajasthan. Vishwas had told NDTV on Tuesday, “These days, the Rajasthan election is the only thing on my mind, the only thing I talk about, discuss or think.”

Vishwas was visibly peeved at being sidelines during Punjab assembly and Delhi civic body polls, held earlier this year. AAP had suffered defeats in both the elections, while in Goa, the party had failed to open an account.




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