“This despicable man Arnab Goswami defamed my husband on his channel”


Winters, in Delhi, are the time when most people go out for cultural events or soaking the Sun in some park or garden. My husband, on Tuesday afternoon, made the choice of walking over to Sansad Marg to see the fuss being created over some political rally.

Arnab Goswami

It was the Jignesh Mewani rally and he was impressed by what he heard to a large extent. A classic case of a common man empathising with his fellow citizens. He, an upper caste Hindu male, was impressed by young boys claiming to be ‘chamaars’ or the so-called lowest of castes, who said they were representing all the exploited and subverted sections of the society.

They spoke for a Brahmin, who was deprived of his rights, a Kshatriya, oppressed by the ruling class or anyone else who felt unsafe in our democratic nation.

Any right-thinking individual, who witnesses incidents of oppression in the society, would’ve seen the reasonable side of their speeches.

All was going well till a female journalist from the Republic TV walked into the crowd and started penetrating into hordes of listeners. Yes, they were listeners and by-standers. They were not necessarily supporters of Jignesh Mewani.

My husband, a man from Bihar living in Delhi, had little to do with the Gujarat leader. He was curious and was made to pay the price for it. When the by-standers, my husband included, started to give way to the reporter, she started accusing everyone of stopping her way.

She had a video cameraperson with her and everyone started shouting, “We don’t need Media! Republic TV go away!”

These were not political supporters of anyone, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked the media to go away. Instead, they would have enjoyed the media attention. The incident never got much attention at the rally because people were more interested in listening to what the speakers had to say.

Roars of Mewani, Kanhaiya Kumar and other young leaders supressed any cheap thrill the female journalist might have tried to gain from the scene.

But as we switched on the unfortunate Republic TV on Tuesday night, we were shocked to find my husband’s face flashing on Arnab Goswami’s show.

He, among many others, was being shown in still images with a halo of red dots crowning his head. Arnab Goswami, the GOSSIP KING in all his delicacy, was shouting at supporters of Mewani and asking for a reply.

I have a few questions for that despicable man; who crossed all limits to call my husband and others ‘vulgar thugs’ while accusing them of intimidating his female colleague. When the female reporter had made a video with voice recording, why did you convert them into still images? Why don’t you show the whole video with the audio so that the truth comes out? Let the republic of India know how you’ve made a lucrative career by constantly selling lies and damaging ordinary public’s reputation.

I don’t think Goswami has the guts to show the video which will clearly reveal how all the men were backing away from that woman while making it abundantly clear that they had lost hope in media!

Goswami was asking supporters of Kanhaiya and Mewani if they were proud of what they saw in the images. The images were pure lies fabricated to suit those who finance and support Republic TV.

The truth is in the videos that Goswami did not broadcast. Dear Arnab Goswami, I am proud of those men who distanced themselves from your journalist, a poor girl used as a prop for your dirty games that you like to call journalistic exercise.

It’s not her fault and I pity her. It is you and your channel that must be held responsible for trying to defame people like my husband who had nothing to do with the rally organized by JIgnesh Mevani.

THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW why you are hiding the video, Mr Goswami? Who has stopped you from playing it? Why are you so afraid of the truth? I dare Republic TV to show that video! I am disgusted by what has happened but we will fight such people with truth.

(Views expressed here are the author’s own and Janta Ka Reporter doesn’t necessarily endorse them)


  1. Mu dear Pratishtha Singh!! It is said समसर्गगजा दोषा गुणाः वदन्ती. Your husband is guilty by association.
    Why do you lie so much? Your husband “accidentally” walked in? Where do you stay? He walked that far? And sat in the MIDDLE of the motley group of urban Naxals and the like? Who will believe you?
    But I notice you tacitly admit your husband was one among the many who screamed at and blocked the reporter. When you say “Roars of Mewani, Kanhaiya Kumar and other young leaders” you reveal where your support lies. whimpers of “Tukde Tukde gang’s” failed demo (I suspect originally to be orchestrated by some Rahul aide(?) and probably withdrew because they realised the danger, is depicted as roars. (Remember the running aide?) Who said they are “Leaders”? Roars of 300+ people among whom there were more journalists than demonstrators. How far can you lie?

    we all know who and what Janata ka reporter is. And anyone associated with them

  2. ma’am, y don’t u fike a case against him?
    if u remain silent today they will keep on doing this, at least u can send a notice so that they can realize they cant just get away by doing anything they want and humiliating anyone they want.
    dont u remember Einstein has once said that The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.so it is not he but you who is not doing anything is destroying the world and making a way to do the whatever they want.

  3. Shut up and stop playing being a victim .. a simple click on your name reveals your post history which is full of hatred towards Hindus and India in general. Your husband wasn’t a mere bystander or soaking sun in the park .. he went to that rally to show his support to the anti nationals and “tukde tukde” gang. Good on Arnab on showing his dirty face to India and making sure anti nationals like you and your husband get the deserving recognition you seek. I am from a dalit background and ashamed of people like you and your husband – for more than 3 decades people like you rose to power and influence using your “dalit” and “reservation” cards but absolutely did nothing for your own community. Do something useful with your life and maybe the people of India might forgive you for being a traitor.

  4. Great to have our own reports up in the social media finally with all this lying shit around. If that means we are urban naxals with sympathies for the poor, oppressed and downtrodden it’s the next to the best thing we can have. However we must be keen to report even that which goes against us. Very Best JKR!!!


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