In shock of losing Burari owners, dog too dies of cardiac failure in Noida


The pet dog of Burari family, which committed mass suicide earlier this month, has died at a Noida animal home on Sunday. Named Tommy by the deceased owner, the dog was the only witness to the mass murder of the 11 members of the family.

Burari family

Tommy was tied to the same grill at the terrace, from where most family members hung themselves to death. When the cops had found the dog, the only surviving soul from the house on 1 July was suffering from high fever. He was later sent to Noida’s House of Stray Animals immediately after being rescued.

Noida-based animal activist Sanjay Mohapatra had adopted Tommy, 6, an Indian-Pitbull mix breed. Mohapatra told Hindustan Times that Tommy was aggressive and ferocious when an animal rescue team approached him on 1 July.

“Initially, Tommy was depressed… He refused food for the first two days. But his condition improved over the next few days. He had resumed eating and was also acting friendly. I had started taking him on morning and evening walks…,” Mohapatra was quoted as saying.

Mohapatra said that the animal was suffering from depression and anxiety and died from a cardiac arrest at around 7 pm on Sunday evening. While he and his team worked day and night to better Tommy’s health, Mohapatra said that the canine could never really recover from the shock of losing his family.

Just days after the Delhi Police discovered 11 dead bodies of the same family in the city’s Burari area, cops had stumbled upon some chilling evidence related to their mass suicides.

The family had included two brothers, their two wives, who had two teenage sons and two teenage daughters each, their alderly mother, sister and her child. The family ran a provisional store on the ground floor of their house and were in furnishing business. 10 members had died by hanging from the terrace grill, while the mother was strangled to death.



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