Delhi Police condemned for inaction as kanwariyas violently attack car in national capital


A video of a group of kanwariyas, Hindu pilgrims, violently attacking a car in central Delhi has gone viral on social media platforms.


In the video, kanwariyas are seen using rods and sticks to smash a parked car in Delhi’s Moti Nagar area in anger before turning it turtle with force. The Hindu pilgrims were reportedly angry because the car allegedly brushed past one of them.

“An argument ensued during which one among the couple slapped the kanwariya. That led to a group of kanwariyas turning violent,” Vijay Kumar, deputy commissioner of police (west) was quoted by Hindustan Times.

The video has evoked angry reactions from  users on social media. Journalist Abhishek G Bhaya asked, “Goons in rampage on Delhi streets! Are u proud of this brand of #Hindutva?Do u realize that ur inaction against #mobs have led 2 this complete lawlessness?U’ve silently allowed worst in the religion 2 take over.#India won’t forgive u (sic)”

User Gautam Trivedi wrote, “These kanwadiyas are a bloody nuisance and a threat to civilized society. But they happen to be brainless vote banks so no rules apply to them. States look impotent in dealing with them. Also the vast majority of them are unemployed village bumpkins.” Another user, Joseph CV asked, “Wondering what will they say to God at the end of pilgrimage!!!” User Ramana tweeted, “Remarkable police efficiency is shown when beating up / arresting unarmed & peaceful demonstrators as well as #AAP MLAs :-). Saffron thugs, having fake religious cover, can take law into their hands without any fear of repercussions.”

Two cops are seen standing mute spectators even as Kanwariyas vandalised the car. Cops say that they have not received any complaint yet.

A police officer was quoted by Indian Express, “Due to the aggressive nature of the crowd, the woman and her friend left. She informed her father, a paramilitary force officer. They have not filed a complaint.”

The reportedly belonged to a police officer’s daughter and the incident took place at 5.30 pm on Tuesday.


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