Win-win situation for Mumbai dance bars, Supreme Court rules against CCTV inside bar


Supreme Court on Wednesday modified seven conditions imposed on the dance bars in Maharashtra by the state police.

The apex court ruled that no CCTV will be allowed in the performance area‎ and there will also be no live feed to police stations.

The SC bench, comprising Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Shiva Kirti Singh also directed the relevant authorities to issue licences to the bars by 15 March

Experts say that it’s a ‘win-win situation for dance bars as the apex court clearly stated that the CCTV cameras will only be installed only at the entry and exit points of the bar and not inside the ‘performance area as Mumbai police had demanded.

Four performers will be allowed on the stage at any given time, while the rest can wait in the green room.

There would be a ‘railing’ between performers and the customers.

The SC ordered the Mumbai police to comply with the guidelines and start renewing licenses within 10 days.

More to follow


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