COVID-19 pandemic and Islamophobia: Mumbai man arrested for refusing to accept grocery from Muslim delivery person


Police in Mumbai have arrested a man after he refused to accept his grocery from a Muslim delivery person because of the latter’s faith. The video of 50-year-old Ghanshyam Chaturvedi refusing to accept his grocery from the delivery person because of his Muslim faith had gone viral, causing huge outrage on social media platforms.

Muslim delivery person

In the video, Chaturvedi, a resident of Mumbai suburb Mira Road, was seen refusing to accept his grocery that he had ordered on the online grocery platform Grofers. The delivery person, identified as Barkat Usman Patel, recorded his conversation with Chaturvedi.

Even Chaturvedi’s wife looked shocked by her husband’s bizarre behaviour promoting religious enmity even amidst a global human tragedy. “The lady wanted to take the parcel but the man said no. When he said he would not take parcel from Muslims, I did not say anything and started to record him on my phone. It was very hurtful,” Patel was quoted by Indian Express.

Patel, who recorded the incident on his phone, later filed a police complaint with the police, leading to Chaturvedi’s arrest.

Indian TV channels have been accused of pushing Islamophobia during the current coronavirus pandemic by constantly demonising Muslims for the spread of the deadly virus. BJP IT Cell too has faced condemnation for circulating fake videos and messages in their attempts to link the spread of coronavirus to Muslims.

Several videos of Hindus refusing to buy vegetables and fruits from Muslim sellers have emerged on social media.





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