EC officers in Karnataka bars TV channels from broadcasting sting video against BJP, released by Congress


Hours before the campaigning for the assembly polls in Karnataka came to an end, the Congress released a stunning sting videos showing how BJP leader B Sriramulu was allegedly trying to bribe the son-in-law of a former Chief Justice of India for a favourable verdict in an illegal mining case involving the infamous Reddy brothers.

In ‘sting video’ released on Thursday, the Congress alleged that Sriramalu had bribed the then CJI in 2010 with a sum of over Rs 100 crore.

Addressing media in what was termed as an ‘explosive press conference,’ Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy alleged that just one day before the then SC judge retired, he passed an order in a case related to a mining company of the Reddy brothers.

Reacting to the development, the working president of Karnataka Congress, Dinesh Gundu Rao said, “Sriramulu is now BJP’s star campaigner. We demand that PM break his silence & answer the people of Karnataka on why the Bellary gang has been brought back to loot Karnataka. We demand an immediate high level enquiry into this bribery scandal.”

Rao added, “Despite supporting corrupt and jailed leaders in their own party, the PM comes to Karnataka & levels baseless allegations against us. This big expose has shown how corrupt Reddy-Srimarulu gang bribed the CJI. Will BJP & PM Modi answer?”

The Congress alleged that a series of meetings between Janardhan Reddy, Sriramalu, Capt Reddy, Swamiji and Sriranjan, the then CJI’s son-in-law took place between January and May 2010. These meetings, according to the party, bribes amounting to Rs 500 crore for the CJI were agreed. Rs 100 crore was paid, alleged the party adding that in order to sway the court’s decision in favour of G Janardhana Reddy, who was recently barred by the Supreme Court from entering Bellari to campaign for BJP candidates.

Sriramulu is believed to be a close confidant of scam-tainted mining baron and owner of Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC) Janardhana Reddy. He’s contesting from two constituencies namely Molakalmuru and Badami (against Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah) in the 12 May assembly polls.

Meanwhile, state electoral authorities have directed TV news channels to not air a “sting” video showing Sriramulu allegedly trying to bribe a kin of a former Chief Justice of India. A news channel executive told PTI that the election commission said in the notices to all the news channels and publication houses that they cannot air any such content within 24 hours of election.

An officer in the CEO’s officer said a report has been sent to the election commission about the video and directions have been issued to the news channels not to air the video clip.

The Congress has been criticising BJP and the Prime Minister for their decision to give tickets to eight persons from the Reddy “camp” including his brothers G Somashekara Reddy and G Karunakara Reddy.

“Do not believe in such fake stings which make rounds now and then,” BJP president Amit Shah said at a press conference, when asked about the “sting videos” circulating in the social media.



  1. It is reported that the sting was conducted in 2010 and the congress party is revealing now. They should have taken action in 2010 itself when they were in power in central government. What made the congress party to hush up the case?. Any congress people were involved as Mr. Reddy was previously in the group of Late Mr. Y.S.R Reddy CM of Andhra Pradesh. The article doesn’t give any information in this regard. If the video was genuine definitely the congress party would have acted at that time itself as they were waiting for an opportunity to trouble Mr. Reddy.


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