Rajasthan Police gives clean chit to six accused in Pehlu Khan’s murder


The CID-crime branch in Rajasthan has given a clean chit to all the six people, accused of murdering Muslim dairy farmer, Pehlu Khan. The cops, as reported by Hindustan Times, have said in the report that there was no evidence that the six men were present at the time of the attack.

Pehlu Khan

The report has left the family of the lynching victim shocked. Irshad, the son of the slain dairy farmer, said, “Be it, Hukum Yadav or Sudhir Yadav, we heard all the accused calling each other by their names when they were assaulting us. They kept saying ‘beat these Muslims, they are cattle smugglers’.”

The 55-year-old Pehlu Khan was brutally beaten, after being intercepted by the Hindutva terrorists posing themselves as cow vigilantes in Alwar, while he and his two sons, Irshad and Arif, were travelling in a pick-up car, carrying cattle from Jaipur.

“My father had been in dairy farming for a long time. We were transporting the cattle with all the required permits, but the vigilantes threatened us then started assaulting us with belts, sticks, metal knuckle-caps. My father was punched in the eye and hit in stomach.

“He bled profusely, and, on April 3, he died at a hospital,” said 19-year-old Arif, had narrated the incident.

Police have not been able to arrest any of the six men named by Khan in his dying declaration. However, those identified from a video of the assault that went viral have been arrested.



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