Caught on camera, 2 buildings collapse into flooded canal in Bengal’s Bankura district


In a spectacular development, two buildings, both two-storey, collapsed into a flooded adjacent canal in Bengal’s Bankura district. While some reports said that the residents of both the houses were evacuated moments before the collapse of the two buildings, in another longer video, shot by a user with mobile phone, residents are heard shouting about the presence of an elderly woman in one of the collapsed building.


Several videos of the buildings’ collapse have surfaced on social media platforms and have gone viral in no time.

The structure of the two buildings were had reportedly weakened after a heavy rain and the sudden rise in water level in the adjacent canal.

In one video, local residents of Junbedia in Bankura could be seen desperately knocking at the doors of one of the collapsed buildings in their bid to alert its residents. But, despite their frantic efforts, no one emerged out of the house. Moments later, both the buildings came down crumbling.

A report by DNA said that Bankura had received 224 mm rainfall in three blocks namely Bankura II, Mejhia and G Ghat, in past 24 hours. The statement from the Disaster Management team said that a 70-year old man died while crossing a swollen rivulet at Nagardanga village in the district.

As many as 663 houses have been partially damaged and 52 houses totally damaged in heavy rains and two relief camps opened in Bankura II block.




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