BJP’s alleged attempt to woo voters along communal lines in Bengal, audio goes viral


Audio recordings of phone conversations between a voter in Bengal and two alleged BJP supporters have gone viral on social media platforms.

Both the audio clips have been uploaded on the Facebook page called The Desi Cracked Pot.

The first audio involves a conversation between a male Bengali voter and an alleged BJP campaign team’s female member. The woman is challenged by the male voice in the audio asking her to  explain why people should vote for the BJP.

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Astonishingly, the female caller says that people should vote for the saffron party to ensure there were no more mosques and India didn’t turn into Pakistan.

Congress advt 2

This response appeared to have left the voter incensed, who didn’t hesitate in giving the female caller a dressing down for spreading the politics of hate.

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He didn’t appear to stop there and dialled another number of the BJP’s campaign team before venting out more of his anger.

The audio is shared nearly 1700 times, while 50,000 people have listened to the clip on Facebook.

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You can listen to the audios below. ( can’t vouch for the authenticity of the audio)



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