BJP stoops to new low, posts Mersal actor’s voter ID card to prove he’s Christian


BJP in Tamil Nadu on Sunday stooped to new low by posting what it claimed was the voter identity card of actor Vijay in a bid to establish his Christian faith.

H Raja, an ex-MLA and the BJP’s national secretary, posted a photo of a voter ID card, which appeared to show actor Vijay’s name as Joseph Vijay. Raja wrote, “Truth is bitter.” Along with Vijay’s voter ID card, Raja also posted a letter, allegedly written by the popular actor in 2014 to Kumudham magazine’s editor thanking for shortlisting his name in the list of popular actors in Tamil Nadu.

Raja had earlier said that he was also trying to establish if the producer of Tamil film, Mersal, Hema Rukmani, too was a Christian. This was after Rukmani rubbished media reports that said the producer had agreed to delete the scene with references to GST in Mersal.

It appears that, according to the BJP, anyone who is not Hindu does not have the right to criticise the government policy regardless of its adverse impact of on the population. Raja’s controversial act also suggests that one needed to practice the Hindu faith to be able to exercise his or her right to freedom of speech.

Angry Vijay fans then reportedly attacked Raja’s Wiki page changing his name to H Raja Sharma and allegedly changes his party’s name from Bharatiya Janata Party to Bl** Jo* Party.

BJP is unhappy with the reference to GST in the film. The scene has become the dominant theme of social media conversations after a BJP minister took strong objection to the references to GST in the film and demanded its removal. The filmmakers have reportedly agreed to delete the scene. But this hasn’t stopped the ascene from going viral.

In the clip (below) the protagonist Vijay is seen lashing out at the establishment while slamming the GST. In his monologue, Vijay is seen referring to Singapore, which levies only 7% GST and can afford to provide free healthcare services. However, India is unable to provide the same while levying a 28% GST. An angry Vijay, while speaking to reporters in the film, also talks about the children’s deaths in Gorakhpur hospital.

He also asks there was no GST on alcohol but people have to pay 12% GST for medicines.



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