BJP IT Cell member arrested for being ISI agent hated Kejriwal, was follower of Tarek Fatah


BJP IT Cell member, Dhruv Saxena, who was recently arrested by Madhya Pradesh ATS, was a follower of suspected Pakistani agent, Tarek Fatah, and hated Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

bjp isi agent

A cursory look at his Facebook timeline explains the extent of hatred he harboured for Kejriwal and other Indian elected representatives. His social media posts also highlighted his admiration for the RSS’s poster boy and suspected Pakistani agent, Fatah.

On 28 January, Saxena had posted a photo of the Republic Day event slamming Vice President Hamid Ansari for not saluting India’s tricolour while the national anthem was being played. This despite the fact that there’s no requirement to salute the national flag during the national anthem.

Few months ago, he had done his best to drum up the support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation announcement by sharing series of videos. It was during this time that he also posted a video of Fatah, where the controversial Pakistani was seen hurling insults at Delhi chief minister, his West Bengal counterpart, Mamata Banerjee and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, Omar Abdullah by passing disparaging comments on the latter’s look.

Earlier in the year, Saxena had also gone full throttle in joining the likes of Fatah and pro-Hindutva members of Indian news channels in building a narrative against former JNU Students’ Union president, Kanhaiya Kumar and his friends.

Saxena was arrested by ATS along with 11 Pakistani spies, who passed on confidential information to India’s enemy for earning quick money.

ATS Chief Sanjeev Shami, who’s credited with busting the racket, had made the disclosure about the arrests in a special press conference.

Time of India reported that the suspects were involved in espionage, money laundering and fraud, say police.

Besides the crime of spying against the country, they also caused significant loss to the telecom department.

“They were running a parallel telecom exchange, enabling cross-border handlers posing as senior Army officers to call up military personnel posted in Jammu and Kashmir and dig out details of operations, deployment and installations,” said Shami.

Saxena’s arrest has once again exposed the double standard of Indian’s media, particularly TV channels, with the usual suspects having suddenly lost their voice on the subject.

This silence did not go unnoticed by neutral journalists.

Five of the 11 people, arrested in Madhya Pradesh for their alleged involvement in a spying racket run from Pakistan, have now been sent to judicial custody till February 27 by a local court.

Judicial Magistrate Shalu Sirohi, according to PTI, has sent to jail Trilok Bhadoria, Ritesh Khullar, Jitendra Yadav, Jitendra Singh Thakur and Lashkar Pandit from Gwalior.

They were arrested on February 9 by the Madhya Pradesh ATS and charged with anti-national activities.

The prime accused in the case Balram Singh, who hails from Satna, is in police remand till February 14.

The others five members of the racket – Manish Gandhi, Dhruv Saxena and Mohit Agrawal from Bhopal, and Mohan Gupta and Sandeep Gupta from Jabalpur – who were produced in the local court on February 10 are in police remand till February 14.


  1. JKR
    U are not JKR
    U are aap and Cong supporter
    It is bjp that is y they are catching
    Don’t give publicity to RAY and Rajdeep
    Do decent journalism
    U people are more dangerous than the external enemies

    • They are catching or they are being caught redhanded? Farzi degree wale deshdrohi aur terrorists…deshbhakti ki degree baantne chale hain….

  2. @Dhan- So you mean to say that ATS is working for BJP and Modi? All good things credit goes to BJP and all problems and bad things credited to AAP and Congress party’s account. If your economy is growing up then it is due to Modi and BJP’s efforts and if it goes down due to stupid decision then it was because of the previous government’s fault. You know 2000 fake notes started circulating in India which made pakis to print with ease and in less time earn more facility. Modi, Modi,Modi…

  3. For your kind information when president salutes National Flag no other dignitaries will salute. It is the protocol, the Vice-President and Prime Minister do not offer a salute when he is not the principal dignitary.


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