After Barkha, now Ravish Kumar’s Twitter account hacked


Hours after Barkha Dutt’s Twitter account was hacked, the same group of hackers have hacked into the Twitter account of another NDTV journalist, Ravish Kumar.

Like Barkha’s, the hackers posted offensive tweets using Ravish’s account too.

Ravish Kumar. ravish2

On Saturday night, the hackers group, Legion, had hacked into the Twitter account of senior journalist and NDTV’s consulting editor, Barkha Dutt.

The hackers had posted offensive tweets (see below), but they were deleted soon.

This has come days after the same group hacked the Twitter account of the Congress VP, Rahul Gandhi and his party, the Indian National Congress and industrialist Vijay Mallya

The hackers also posted a tweet from her account.

The latest incident of hacking will pose many questions to the central government’s plans to push digital economy in the wake of demonetisation announcement.

The critics of demonetisation have long argued that India was not yet ready to embrace digital economy in the absence of robust security in place.



  1. Hacking of an account doesn’t discourage digital India move. The Security features of a transaction page is different from a website’s. Account hacking is significantly easier than nudging through a transaction portal. Please try to check out things before posting in public. Thanks much


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