Azam Khan’s sister likens herself to ‘Rohingya Muslim’ after name goes missing from voters’ list


Thousands of people in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra, Bareilly and Rampur have recently complained of their names having disappeared from the voters’ list in the ongoing civic body polls.

voters' list

Even BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj had complained of name going missing when he arrived at the polling booth to cast his vote in Agra recently.

Now, Former Uttar Pradesh Minister and veteran Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan’s sister too has gone public after she was told that her name did not exist in the voters’ list.

An angry Nikhat Iflak said, “I went to cast my vote for the civic body polls but I was shocked not to find my name in the voters’ list. This was utterly shameful. I kept flaunting my identity documents while shouting that to vote is my fundamental right, but all they said was that my name was there in the voters’ list. I was reduced to being a Rohingya in my own motherland.

“Was is it because I happen to be the sister of a tall leader (Azam Khan)? I ask everybody including the Chief Election Commissioner and local officials, are you not the murderer of democracy?”

Similar complaints have come from several parts of Uttar Pradesh including Agra, Bareilly, Mathura and Aligarh. In Mathura more than 150 widows had staged protests after their names too went missing from the voters’ list. Around 250 families in Aligarh too made similar complaints.

These complaints coincide with the allegations of EMV tampering. A video of a voter in Meerut trying to cast his vote in favour of BSP but the vote being cast in favour of BJP had gone viral on social media platforms recently.




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