Arvind Kejriwal says coronavirus doesn’t discriminate against religion as Tablighi Jamaat members donate plasma to save lives; faces flak for hypocrisy


AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi has hit out at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for his late realisation that the coronavirus pandemic must not be given communal colour. This was after the Delhi chief minister made an appeal to people asking them to not add a communal angle to a global pandemic as several reports said that members of the Tablighi Jamaat were voluntarily donating their plasma to cure COVID-19 patients in the national capital.

Arvind Kejriwal

Kejriwal said in his press briefing Sunday, “A thought was coming to my mind. Assuming a patient, who is a Hindu and very serious. Maybe his life can be saved by a Muslim’s plasma. Likewise, say a patient is a Muslim and very serious. Maybe a Hindu’s plasma can save his life. When God created this earth, he only created human beings. Every human being has two eyes, one body, same red blood and plasma. God did not create any wall amongst us. God did not create any ditch along the lines of religion. This is all our creation. Corona happens to everyone including Hindus and Muslims.”

Kejriwal added that plasma too saved people’s lives without discriminating against their religion.

Reacting to Kejriwal’s statement, Owaisi tweeted sarcastically, “It’s dawned on him now that virus & cure don’t see religion? Why was Delhi sarkar listing “markaz cases” separately then? He showed such bravado in ordering an FIR against Markaz but feebly prayed at Raj Ghat when NE Delhi was burning. Kya iska jawaab MANGALWAAR ko milega?”

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Owaisi wasn’t alone in calling out Kejriwal’s hypocrisy. Similar sentiments were expressed by other social media users.


Kejriwal was accused of contributing to the hatred against Muslims when pro-BJP TV channels ran a relentless campaign against the Tablighi Jamaat by blaming them for the spread of the virus in India. He had come under fire for singling out the role of Delhi Nizamuddin Markaz in his daily press briefings. This was when several state governments including that of Tamil Nadu decided to not refer to the Tablighi Jamaat while stating the number of positive coronavirus cases and fatalities in their states.

The focus on the Tablighi Jamaat with malicious intent gave rise to unprecedented Islamophobia in India with people boycotting Muslim vegetable vendors and fruit sellers fearing that they could transmit the virus to others. The India Today TV channel ran a controversial sting operation on poor madrasa students stuck in their religious boarding schools due to the sudden announcement of the nationwide lockdown. Kejriwal’s deputy Manish Sisodia was condemned for giving legitimacy to the alleged Islamophobic propaganda broadcast by India Today as he promised to file an FIR against madrasa students.

Members of Tablighi Jamaat, who were cured after testing positive for coronavirus, have now come forward to donate their plasma to cure other patients. This commendable step by members of the Tablighi Jamaat is playing a key role in the fight against coronavirus in India.


  1. Delhi CN don’t power when Delhi is burning now Delhi CM has a power to give the order to Police FIR tablighi jamaat this is cleared Delhi CM Shake his hand with RSS and BJP government


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