News channels paid to run fake surveys, must apologise to country


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal has stepped up attack TV channels accusing them of misleading the audience through ‘paid’ opinion polls.

Speaking exclusively to Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, Kejriwal said that news channels like ABP and Aaj Tak had either taken money to run fake opinion polls or they they ‘simply don’t know how to conduct surveys.’

arvind kejriwal

He said, “ABP had predicted 2 seats in 2013 for us and we won 28. In 2015, they gave us 18 seats, but we won 67 seats. ABP people either takes money or they simply don’t know how to conduct polls. They must apologise to the country. They got two of their surveys wrong. In Bihar, ABP had predicted Modi’s government in Bihar.

“Aaj Tak people had made similar predictions when we got 67 seats. When we make mistakes you ask us to apologise, they (ABP) must apologise to the nation.”

Reacting to the RSS’s Manmohan Vaidya’s remarks on reservations, he said that the BJP was an anti-Dalit party.

On Punjab and Goa polls, the Delhi chief minister said that his Aam Aadmi Party was set form governments in the two states. He said voters in Goa and Punjab were aware of his government’s good works in Delhi and were certain to vote for AAP.

Attacking the Congress’s chief ministerial candidate in Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh for his remarks on NRIs supporting AAP, Kejriwal said, “NRIs are our country’s strength. There are two kinds of NRIs. They help our country in various ways. The way Capt Amarinder Singh has insulted them, I’m personally hurt.”

Kejriwal was recently censured by the Election Commission for his ‘accept the bribe but don’t vote for BJP-Akali’ remarks. He said that he was planning to write to the EC on Monday asking it to declare him election authority’s ambassador to fight corruption.

“I’m writing a letter to Election Commission. What had I said? I had said that take money from BJP and Congress but vote for us. This is not bribery. If I had said that I will pay you and you vote for me, that would have been bribery.

“On the contrary this discourages bribery. This happened in Delhi and if it continues in couple of more elections, distribution of money will stop. I want the Election Commission to make me the brand ambassador, I will stop distribution of money. I will stop distribution within two years.”

He also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of having distributed money among its leaders before the announcement of demonetisation.

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  1. Election Commission of India should make Arvind Kejriwal, THE ELECTION AUTHORITY’S AMBASSADOR TO FIGHT CORRUPTION. I am 100% sure; bribery in election will stop within 2 years and there will be no money involved in all the coming elections but development will be involved.


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