Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s reply to crowd chanting ‘Modi Modi’ at his rally


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal faced an awkward moment on Saturday during his election rally in the national capital when a group of people began to chant Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name.

arvind kejriwal modi modi

Kejriwal was addressing an election rally in Gautam Vihar Chowk, when a group of people started chanting ‘Modi, Modi.’

The chanting began just when the Delhi chief minister was spelling out his government’s plans for the MCD employees if his Aam Aadmi Party won the civic body polls, scheduled for later this month.

However, far from being perturbed by the incessant chants, Kejriwal asked the crowd if by chanting Modi’s name will they have their house tax removed.

He said, “Ask them if by chanting Modi, Modi, they can have their house tax waived, then I will shout Modi, Modi. Did Modi reduce your electricity tariff? If by chanting Modi’s names, you can get your electricity tariff reduced, then I will also chant Modi, Modi. You don’t overcome your hunger by chanting Modi, Modi. These people have gone mad.”

In his address, Kejriwal repeated his allegation, made on Friday at his first poll rally, that the BJP and the Congress were “conspiring” to take over the departments of water and power to effect a tariff hike in these areas. He promised to make Delhi sparkling clean within a year and to shore up the revenues of the cash-strapped corporations that have faced a series of strikes by sanitation workers over non-payment of salaries.

Sounding the bugle for the MCD polls, Kejriwal on Friday had cautioned the people that power and water tariff will increase if either the BJP or the Congress comes to power in civic bodies.

Kejriwal and Modi have been sworn political enemies since the former chose to contest against him from Varanasi in 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

The AAP leader was also responsible for stopping Modi’s juggernaut of poll victories in February 2015, when the BJP was reduced to just three seats in Delhi assembly polls despite several election rallies by the prime minister.


  1. दिल्ली की जनता इसके लिए भिखारी से ज़्यादा और कुछ भी नही। फ्री के टुकड़े दिखाता रहता है

    • Mr manav you have very sick thinking. What about yogi JI they also claimed the waiving of farmers’ loan….

      Criticize others but with valid statements.

  2. How many times can u fool the public Mr Khujliwal? U & ur party’s agenda is to only ensure that you can sabotage the work done by Centre.. And now Punjab’s public has given u r party a solid kick on ur backsides same will now happen in Delhi.

    • Actually it is Modi who is fooling around. He is collecting tax also and also looting you by increasing prices/fares/fines. Where is he spending tax payers money? Why don’t we get anything back?

      • @@Satyawani; Hahaha its very funny, Modi is the only looter and Modi is War Monger who always talk about war with Pakistan always.

        Longest Tunnel was opened because Modi Looted Tax Payers Money.

        He Cleared/Paid all the due amount which was pending from so many days to Iran.

        He is Working on Bullet Trains with the help of Looted Tax Payers Money.

        He went to Pakistan and Met Nawaz Sharif and hence he proved to be War Monger but not for peace.

        After pathankot terrorist attack Modi allowed ISI to visit the terrorist attacked site with our Investigation agency so that we can both find the truth and this we see as War Monger by Modi but you ppl dont see this as an attempt to Peace.

        Once DMO of Army from J&K said that we have carried out a successfully surgical attack on inside the POK, you people jumped immediately and asking Modi for proof for surgical strike and tried to declare that its a big lie on other hand you say that Modi is a War Monger and Looter.

        First understand the importance of Natural resources like power and water, we all know what Indians do with free kind of thing on these if we don’t make it as chargeable. Waving Farmers loan is completely different irrespective of any state govt.

        Your still free to hate Modi for any reason, get well soon.

      • Really then why don’t you tell to your Arvind that don’t talk much about Modi Modi Modi for all stupid reason and blame him. If he has some valid proof please lodge a FIR against Modi but don’t blame ppl and EVM Machines for Arvind Kejriwal performance as a Delhi CM.

        Learn some thing from Modi when he is Gujarat CM he never left Gujarat and fight for other state elections like Arvind Kejriwal is Doing.

  3. भारत हमेसा कर्म प्रधान देश रहा है अब पता चल रहाहै की देश मै हराम खोर क्यो पैदा हो गये है
    जब सब कुछ इनको फ्रि मिलेगा तो काम कोन करेगा .केजरीवाल जैसे नेता ही इस देश को हराम खोरी की ओर ले जा रहे है .

  4. kejriwal playing dog & the bone yet again.unscruplous person with nothing to talk abt except Modiji..he shd be ashamed he was ever associated with Anna Hazare and spoke abt anticorruption.

    • Arvind shouldn’t have projected that fraud Anna as face of Jan Lokpal movement… Instead he should have projected himself.

    • FYI it is AK who floated this idea of Anti-corruption (Jan Lokpal) movement first. He was the backbone and main strategist of JanLopkal movement. But he did a mistake by selecting Anna as face of Janlokpal movement… he shouldn’t have approached this fraudster at the first place.

  5. Dilli ke logon ko prandan, amartava dede. De sakta hai? Nahin to Phir house tax Kaise maaf kar sakta hai,jo tree haath me nahin? Logon ko chutiya banana chhodo Aur kuchch kam karne dikhao


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