Uproar in Rajya Sabha after Arun Jaitley objects to Manmohan Singh being allowed to speak


Rajya Sabha on Thursday witnessed uproar as soon as the proceedings began after Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley objected to Manmohan Singh being allowed to speak.

Jaitley took exception to the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, PJ Kurien, allowing the former prime minister being allowed to speak midway through the debate.

The TMC’s Derek O’Brien reacted angrily on Jaitley’s objection saying that a former prime minister must be allowed to speak.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to make an appearance in the Upper House today.

You can watch the debate on demonetisation LIVE below


Here are the LIVE updates;

  • Naresh Agrawal: You didn’t confide even in Arun Jaitley, if you had, the finance minister would have really informed us
  • Please tell us today when you will bring back black money from abroad? This is what you had promised during (LS) polls?
  • The demonetisation decision was taken not in country’s interests but keeping UP polls in mind
  • Can some tell me which industrialist, politician, IAS/IPS officers or the one who provides protection to terrorists are standing in queues today?
  • Naresh Agrawal of SP is speaking
  • It’s not my intention to pick bone in what one side says and what other sides says:MMS
  • I’m very sorry the RBI has been exposed to this kind of criticism, which is fully justified:MMS
  • The prime minister must come up with measures to reduce the distress:MMS
  • The way demonetisation has been implemented, it will hurt agritural growth:MMS
  • Not good for country’s image, when people have deposited their own money but can’t withdraw:MMS
  • PM has asked us to wait for 50 days, but even 50 days are torturous for people. 60-65 people have died:MMS
  • In the process of demonetisation, monumental mismanagament has taken place. No disagreements in the country on this: MMS
  • Former PM Dr Manmohan Singh is speaking now
  • Arun Jaitley agrees for debate
  • If PM has only come for Question Hour, then the Opoosition will not let the House function
  • We heard Honourable PM from Japan and Goa, but when will we hear him (inside parliament)
  • Rajya Proceedings on after a brief adjournment. PM Modi finally arrives in Rajya Sabha
  • It’s only 11.18 AM and the House is adjourned once again
  • Deputy Chairperson sticks to his original decision, says Dr Manmohan Singh can speak because ‘I’ve allowed him to speak.’
  • Anand Sharma of Congress asks why PM Modi is not in Rajya Sabha when demonetisation is expected to be debated.
  • Deputy Chair says Arun Jaitley is present the because subject being discussed relates to finance ministry
  • Mayawati says, ‘the opposition is united in demand that PM be present for the debate’


More to follow


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