Another BJP MP writes to Modi, says nothing has been done for Dalits in his tenure as PM


In the midst of protests against the change in SC/ST act, yet another Dalit BJP Member of Parliament has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusing the latter of having done ‘nothing’ for Dalits in his four-year tenure.

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Dr. Yashwant Singh, who’s an MP from Nagina in Uttar Pradesh, said that the government did not take any step to implement reservation in the private sector and increase the number of Dalits in the judicial system.

Singh described himself as an MP from the Jatav Samaj and wrote, “I have passed MD from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and a special examination from America. I understand that I’ve become an MP because of reservation, and my ability is not being used. There is no existence of Dalit society and backward class without reservation.”

On the topic of ‘reservation in promotions,’ Singh said, “When I was elected, I had personally requested you to pass the bill for reservation in the promotions. Different organisations of society come to us with these kind of requests regularly. But even after four years, no work has been done by your government for the direct benefit of nearly 300 million Dalits in this country. Such as completing the backlog, passing the reservation bill, giving reservation in private jobs, etc.”

Yashwant Singh further wrote that, “There is no representation of the Dalit society in the court, due to which the court is prone to give decisions against Dalits and remove our rights from time to time. 70 percent of the country’s property belongs to one percent people, who receive government protection. Nearly 25 percent of the population probably own half a percent of the property. Dalit society can not progress without good government policies.”

Earlier, three other Dalit BJP MPs – Savitri Bai Phule, Chhota Lal and Ashok Kumar Dohre have accused BJP’s Yogi Government and Center’s Modi government for growing atrocities on Dalits.

BJP’s Dalit MP from Robertsganj, Chhota Lal Khawar wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi complaining against UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

According to the reports, Chhota Lal wrote to PM Modi that he personally took complaint to CM Yogi twice but the CM scolded him and asked to leave. PM Modi has given assurance to MP Chhota Lal to take appropriate action. This is not the first time when a UP leader has resented the CM Yogi.


  1. Discontent is brewing in the ruling party. The marginalised sections have realised that their plight has worsened in the past couple of years as attacks increased. Now, they are coming out in the open


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