Amit Shah mocked for comparing PM Modi’s election successes to natural disaster


BJP President on Friday launched a tirade against the opposition parties comparing them to cats, dogs and snakes, who were trying to join hands against the saffron party’s surge.

Amit Shah
(AFP file photo )

Addressing a rally in Mumbai, Shah said, “There is a campaign that all Opposition should unite. Whenever there is a massive flood, all snakes, mongooses, cats, dogs and even cheetahs and lions climb up a huge tree as they fear rising water levels.”

His comments evoked angry reactions from the Congress, which said that the language used by Shah was indicative of admission of defeat even before the battle has started.’ The party’s chief spokesperson, Randeep Singh Surjewala, told ANI, “In our culture, a man & his character are known by the phraseology he depicts & states, manner in which Amit Shah used abusive language, calling entire opposition animals and names, reflects that it is language of a leader who’s lost the battle even before it started.”

There were many, who mocked Shah for likening Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s electoral successes to natural calamity.

The last few weeks have incredibly embarrassing for Shah as he encountered a series of gaffes during Karnataka campaign trail. He had first described the government led by his own’s chief ministerial face, BS Yedyurappa, as the most corrupt ever. Days later, his own MP, Prahalad Joshi, wrongly translated his speech as ‘Modi will destroy the country.’ His interaction with Dalits later was marred by protests.

There were reports that Shah had cut short his stay in Karnataka amidst frustration.


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