Amidst curfew, Kashmiri Muslims risk their lives to perform last rites of a Hindu woman


While hate-mongers among the so-called champions of Kashmiri Pandits continue to spread venom in their bid to cause more fissures among people living in the Valley, a group of local Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir have exposed the hate brigade once again.

According to a report published by Kashmir Life, the family of Deepak Malhotra, a Kashmiri Hindu of Sheikh Mohalla of Old City Srinagar lost his aging mother on Saturday.

Despite curfew in the area, local Muslim population risked their lives to perform her last rites.


Their heroic act is receiving plenty of plaudits on social media with people describing the act as a befitting reply to the communal forces who never appear tired of spreading their “poisonous propaganda” against Kashmir and Kashmiris.

In May too a group of Muslims had performed the last rites of a Hindu woman, who passed away in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir.

But what made today’s act even more surreal was that the situation in May was not as alarming as it is now with dozens having lost their lives and hundreds injured in clashes with security forces.

Curfew has been imposed in several parts of the valley with police having carried out unprecedented crackdown on the local media.

As reported by earlier, the local police had snapped the transmission of cable TV and siezed newspapers from local printing presses. Several journalists too have allegedly been arrested.

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  1. This is just a human gesture!! No religion teaches it’s adherents to hate others; it’s the ignorance about the ‘Source’ like The Vedas, The Qur’an, The Bible etc by the followers multiplied by the “God & ritual marketing Peers” of the religions, which continuously lead to such situation. At the same time the hungry politicians come to the fray to take advantage of the situation….

  2. 1) There is no risk of life in curfew. If you become violent then only risk is there. So the headline of article is wrong.
    2) In kashmir there r 2 type of people 1) Separatist – who r responsible for unrest and hate India. They earn food by working for terrorists and porkistan 2) Kashmiri – They love India and feel proud of being Indians. They earn their food by doing good work and serving country. You can find lacs of kashmiris in Indian Army, BSF, CRPF, JKP, Airforce, Navy, Govt n Pvt. Sector. These kashmiris hate separatist.

    So there is not a hindu vs muslim issue in Kashmir. It’s a separatists vs kashmiri.

    • Mr Patil: If you are a Kashmiri and are out in curfew you run the risk f being shot by the Indian Criminal Police ( CRP ) and the cowards of RR ( rashytra rats ). As you must know, India has instituted AFPSA in Kashmir according to which any Kashmri can be detained, tortured and killed without any cosequences for the occupation force.
      As regards the Types of people in Kashmir, there are two types. One is the Freedom fighting Kashmiris who are the victims of Indian brutal occupation and the other is the Indian occupation forces, their agents and colloborators, traitor politicians , Indian intelligence agents and those in the Kashmir Police who have sold their conscience for a few coins of silver. These are the people who need to be eliminated first and foremost.

  3. Why blaming Army….All kashmiri are not bad..they are very good people. a section of people for their political motive disturbs the situation in Kashmir…..but army is doing their job…..

  4. Such incidents prove the fact that religion doesn’t rule human emotions and relationships in case of those people for whom humanity comes first before anything else does. A gesture of humanity like this is above any civil or state law and should be highlighted time and again when our political leaders hog the limelight by making statements about religious intolerance.


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