Alia Bhatt calls sister Shaheen brave for writing about her depression and suicidal past

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Actor Alia Bhatt has praised sister Shaheen for opening up about her struggle with depression and feeling suicidal in the past.

Taking to Twitter, Alia wrote, “Shaheen you are brilliant! My sister has battled and lived with depression since she was 12. She speaks her heart out and without any hesitation addresses the giant elephant in the room – Mental health and the LACK of our understanding & acceptance!”

Sharing Shaheen’s column that she wrote for Vogue magazine, Dad Mahesh Bhatt tweeted, “She is made of ‘stars’. She shines in the dark night of the soul. This is young India . Shaheen Bhatt on the recent suicides: “It could have been me.””

Writing in Vogue, Shaheen recounted her own past and how she fought depression that led her to be suicidal on more than one occasions. She wrote, “I’ve lived with depression since I was 12 years old and since then I’ve been suicidal on more than one occasion. I’ve experienced the sheer terror of contemplating a life filled with unrelenting anguish, and I’ve been consumed by the terrifying thought of having but a single means of escape from a bleak, unbearable future.

“There is little worse than the knowledge that there have been countless others like Spade and Bourdain who have felt the same way and found the pain too unendurable to continue living. It is equally terrifying to know that this choice is not one they made in their 20s or 30s, but much later—a time by which one hopes to have found ways to douse the raging fires of depression.”

Shaheen had chosen to write her own experience in the wake of the shocking news of Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain committing suicide. Only a a few days ago, Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone had written a long post on depression calling it a growing epidemic.


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