Aah..med relieved, is he the new Shah of Gujarat in election year?


Ahmed Patel, political secretary to Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, has won his Rajya Sabha seat getting himself elected to the Upper House for the fifth time.

BJP President Amit Shah and Union Minister Smriti Irani got 46 votes each while Ahmed Patel received 44.

Patel’s victory assumes huge significance given that the BJP had allegedly thrown all its might to ensure his defeat. Just before the elections, former BJP leader, Shankarsinh Vaghela had quit the party with his supporter MLAs. This had made his chances of getting re-elected nearly impossible.

ahmed shah gujarat

But the master strategist that he is, Patel pulled off a coup and defeated Shah in his own game. The victory of Patel comes just months before Gujarat goes to crucial assembly elections.

This came after the Election Commission of India delivered a huge setback to the BJP by declaring the votes of two Congress MLAs, Bhola Bhai Gohil and Raghavji Bhai Patel, invalid. Both had revolted against the party and voted for the BJP candidate.

Congratulatory messages have begun to pour in as soon as it emerged that Patel had won.

Patel himself tweeted, “Truth will prevail.”

His next tweet said, “This is not just my victory. It is a defeat of the most blatant use of money power,muscle power and abuse of state machinery.”

He followed it up with another post thanking his supporters. It read, “I want to thank each & every MLA who voted for me despite unprecedented intimidation & pressure from BJP.They voted for an inclusive India.”

As first exclusively reported by Janta Ka Reporter, the EC posted the order on its website.

The order read, “Therefore, having regard to the above constitutional, legal and factual position, the Constitutional hereby directs under Article 324 of the Constitution read with Section 66 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, Rules 39A and  39AA of the Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961, and all other powers enabling it in this behalf, the Returning Officer to reject the votes cast by the said two MLAs, namely, Shri Bhola Bhai Gohil and Shri Raghavji Bhai Patel at the time of counting of votes by segregating the ballot papers concerned. Such segregation can be done at the time of counting with reference to the serial numbers of the ballot papers issued to the electors concerned as per the record maintained on the counter foils of ballot papers under Rules 38 A.”

Minutes after the EC’s order came in, Gujarat Parivartan Party too shocked everyone by revealing that it too had voted in favour of Patel. Earlier it was reported that the GPP’s vote had gone for the BJP.

Facing alleged poaching by the BJP, the Congress had taken its 44 MLAs to Karnataka. All Congress MLAs returned to Gujarat on Monday before being taken to a resort in Anand.

In the 182 seat Gujarat assembly, Congress had 57 seats. According to the state election commission, 176 MLAs voted in the Rajya Sabha polls. Patel needed just 45 MLAs’ support to be elected to the Upper House for the fifth time.

One of two NCP MLAs had reportedly voted for him. The veteran Congress leader also got the vote from the lone Janata Dal-United MLA, who said he had voted to express his anger against Bihar chief minister, Nitish Kumar’s decision to join hands with the BJP in the state.

Patel had accused Shah of making the Rajya Sabha polls a personal battle.

Chhotu Vasava from Jhagadiya constituency told Indian Express, “I voted for the safety of the country. I kept in mind issues like demonetisation, GST along with safety and security of Tribals, Dalits, Muslims and SC/ST people in the country. The middle class and poor faced lot of difficulty post demonetisation as they faced great problems. Even after the GST, the poor, middle-class people are suffering a lot.”

Jhagadiya told NDTV that Nitish had not taken him into confidence before deciding to join hands with the BJP.

The former Congress leader, Shankarsinh Vaghela, said that he had not voted for Patel even though the latter was his friend.

Meanwhile Congress has also suspended two MLAs, who reportedly voted against the party whip in favour of the BJP candidate.


  1. Although both parties are bad, BJP wants to rule like the talibans and can turn our country into another pakistan or saudi type.


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