Actor Prakash Raj calls Amitabh Bachchan coward for silence on Kathua gang-rape and murder

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Actor Prakash Raj has launched a blistering attack against Amitabh Bachchan calling him coward for his refusal to speak up against barbaric gang-rape and murder of an 8-year-old child in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district.


When asked what he expected from Bachchan to do in response to the brutal gang-rape and murder of the 8-year-old child in Kathua, Raj said, “I wanted him (Bachchan) to say that ‘stop this.’ Raj was asked if he was worried about the pitfalls of taking on perhaps the most iconic name in the Hindi cinema. Raj said, “It was a request. I feel that as artists we are also a conscience of our society.  When artists become coward, we will become the reason for the society to become coward.”

When asked if he felt Bachchan was being cowardly, Raj replied, “I think so. What have I got to gain? I respect him for what he (Bachchan) is but I am requesting him to ‘please join hand, it’s important.’ You are not talking against a party. You are talking against an issue, a thought process, which is not right for this country.”

Speaking to journalist Barkha Dutt, the Singham and Wanted star added, “I requested him. It’s my right. He’s got a wonderful voice. I wanted him to speak up. He just said, ‘I don’t want to speak about it.’ But sir, it’s so dirty that you have to speak up. Because Kathua rape to me is not that somebody belonging to a religion didn’t do it. But the reason it was done was to threaten a group of people to leave that place. And just because they are from your party, you will go an stand by them. Protest for them. This is not done.”

Raj added, “I want to grow up…Why don’t you (Bachchan) realise that you are rich enough to lose. They asked me ‘Prakash have you lost anything.’ I tell them ‘don’t ask me as an economist. I am rich enough to lose.'”

Raj’s attack against Bachchan came just weeks after actor Pooja Bhatt slammed the Bollywood megastar for his remarks on the recent rape cases particularly the gang-rape and murder of an 8-year-old child in Kathua and the rape of an 18-year-old girl by a BJP MLA in Uttar Pradesh.

Pooja had taken to Twitter to remind Bachchan about his recent film, Pink, which was a story about a lawyer who had single-handed fought to deliver justice to three women, attacked by men. Bachchan had played the character of a brave lawyer. Pooja wrote, “I can’t help being reminded of a film called . Can our images on screen please be reflected in reality?”

Bachchan, the brand ambassador of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save daughters, educate daughters) had astonishingly chided a reporter on Friday when she asked him to comment on the recent rape cases.

When asked to comment on Kathua gang-rape and murder, Bachchan had told the journalist to not ‘bring up this issue.’ “Even discussing this issue feels disgusting, don’t bring up this issue. It is terrible to even talk about it,” Bachchan was quoted by ANI.

As reported by Janta Ka Reporter, Bachchan’s bizarre logic to justify his silence on the gang-rape and murder of 8-year-old child had earned him social media users’ ire. The famous actor has not responded to any criticism yet.



  1. AB voice is God’s Gift to the Indian cinema. He is happy with his a cenematic celebrity status…Maybe just being safe.

    If he really cares about the real world he could have raised his voice against the rape case. It would have been such a big impact.

    In fact people will remember him as a Hero in real life than his surreal life.

  2. Did Prakash comment or Tweet when Geetha got raped or when 24 Hindus got killed in coastal Karnataka>……..isn’t he the father of all cowards …….scared of leftists and Muslims

  3. How does it make difference if Mr. Bachhan is not willing to post his comments when our own govt is not ready to more in details about the case….
    Mr. Actor please stop provoking others and better concentrate on your contribution in this regards

  4. It’s very cheap on Prakashraj’s path to comment about Amitabh sir. This guy turned out to be degraded politically motivated one!
    I think he should feel ashamed of his act.

  5. If Big B doesn’t want to comment on Kathua case so be it.It is his choice being free citizen of a free country.Why others poke their nose and not mind their business?

  6. To remain in news best strategy is to abuse the to top guy around. Kejriwal did it with Modi and eating shit now, similar fate is in store for this Rogue.

  7. Although the incident was deplorable but where were they because incident took place in Jan and JNU brigade,political parties ,channels and so called sociliate actors together made it a event in April.
    These bastards should be ashamed of disclosing victims name,photo…shame on u all,Mr.prakash and camp.

  8. First of all, Who is Prakash raj alias Rai is to dictate everyone in the country to comment or not to comment. He may be a Be-rozgar, but not Amitabji. Still even at this age he is working in tight schedules in cinema and Ads world. Prakash raj alias Rai has to learn a lot about how to respect others feelings..

  9. It appears that prakash Raj is thinking that he alone is smart, dating, fearless, handsome etc.etc
    Is this an act of confidence or overconfidence?

  10. Mr. Prakash Raj or whoever, no justification for a crime like rape is good enough. Being a woman and a mother, I am pained by the horrifying rapes….My heart goes out for that little girl…however, you don’t have to bother about those who didn’t speak…just like you have a right to speak, he has a right to silence too…if you think you are an embodiment of righteousness, leverage your influence in the film industry to stop showing women and their bodies as commodities….show some concern about the way item songs are picturised. First do that which you can do.

  11. When ever a heinous crime like rape or any other crime occurs every right thinking person will condemn such incident. This should be done irrespective of cast creed religion place and time and political affiliations. But it is a matter of regret that these days many so called Socialites choose to be selective in their condemnation. Rapes are unfortunately happening in many states but not a word of protest or condemnation from these Social activists. Katua rape must be protested and condemned. But they seem to be over zealous in Katua. Let them have a look at what is happening else where in the country.

  12. How stupid is Mr Raj talking, just taking on Modi ji and Amitabh ji, only to get some popularity for his political entry. India knows that they are better humans than you.

  13. I did recognise a great coward in , amit..bacchan since long ago on the days when he were attending congress party events.

  14. Prakash Raj is a speck of dirt In front of AB. Not just him, many others use the name of AB to get into media. Did Modi talk about the rapes? He is the PM of the country. Why target AB, whose views against any rape is well documented? Prakash Raj you are a coward.

  15. अमिताभ जी जैसे व्यक्ति का यह कहना कि इस विषय पर बात करना तक वीभत्स है … अपने आप मे एक बहुत बड़ी और टिप्पणी है ….. समझने वाले समझें राजनीतिक चश्मा प्रकाश राज की आंखों पर है आप इस घटना की जितनी चर्चा करेंगे घाव उतने ही हरे होते जाएंगे समय रूपी लगे हुए मरहम को पोंछने का काम है इस तरह की चर्चाओं को ज़िंदा रखना…. रेप जैसी त्रासदी की कभी भी कोई प्रशंसा कर ही नही सकता ….. इस सोची समझी घिनौनी साज़िश का पर्दाफाश होने में देर नहीं लगेगी ….. पर प्रकाश राज आप एकाध जगह तो राजनीति एक तरफ रख दो …..

  16. Can anybody tell me why is it necessary for Mr. Bachchan to react on something that he doesn’t want to react upon. Firstly, he is a 75 year old legend who has spoken lot many times for lot many social issues. Secondly, he himself is a father of 44 year old daughter, grandfather of 21 and 6 years old grand daughters. I being an unmarried man feels annoyed and disgusting to even think about this situation coz I feel pity for the victims. so one can imagine what would go in the mind this man. If u have the freedom of speech , one also has the freedom of silence. And if by saying ‘stop this’, by Mr. Bachchan, culprits would had civilised, then for what are we voting for to make prime minister and cheif ministers.

    Leave what others have done, tell us what u have done, then let’s play the blame game.

    • yes, Bachchan is the brand ambassador of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save daughters, educate daughters). So he should at least speak, although he should try to do something on ground levels also. But he does not speak for BETi whose is he an ambassador……

  17. Why should Bachchan comment on Kathua incident? Is he any MLA/MP?? Then Prakash must also ask the Khans also to speak out against atrocities against lakhs of Hindu women who were Butchered, raped and hung with metallic wires in the streets of J&K. His reasoning lacks logic and sensibility. He is going out too far… anyway his career is over…sic!

  18. Mr. Prakash Rai is a great coward who abandoned his surname derived from his father and insulted his own father. He did it just for the sake of some money. As there was dispute between Tamilnadu and Karnataka for Kaveri water he was afraid that his acting in Tamil movies may not be liked by Tamilnadu. With that fear he had hidden his real surname and changed it to Raj and insulted his father.

  19. Maybe you are correct but you are a Anti-National and a Terrorist like your brother in Kadgam movie.

    Shame on you.

  20. Prostitute telling morals at old age.Prakash Raj was beaten by Mohan Reddy producer of movie MANAMIDDARAMU in the year 2002,for his arrogant behaviour.later he tendered his apologies to him.
    Good artist ,but character less.

  21. Prakash Raj is far better than Amitab bachan in all.
    He didn’t instigate violence like Amitab did against sikhs.

  22. Mr. Bachhan is an opportunist and only interested in is own gain. Supper star is a shame to be the brand ambassador for “beti banchao, beti padao,” it is only compared to feku dhongi PM.

  23. This fellow ,,,, is simply IDIOT, just because he got a break in Bolywood , started comparing with the ICONs.
    South actors have passion for Political career, understood, it’s their genre.

  24. Who is Prakash Raj?He has no right to comment about the personal views of Amitavji.Big Boss knows what is right and what is wrong.Actually, the narrow minded men like Prakash Raj comment only for criticism, not for realising the actual truth.Mr. Prakash Raj,comment as humanist,as an Indian, not as a villain or an opportunistic supporter of a political party…

  25. Happens with everyone Prakash raj right now is going through middle age crises and menopause… that’s why he is loosing his mind…

  26. Mr. Bachchan is brand ambassador of Beti Padhao Beti campaign. Its his moral duty to speak against any crime or for needs of women…. take a cue from Delhi Commission of Women Swati Maliwal…. or else atleast he should resign.


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