600 skeletons discovered from rapist Ram Rahim’s Dera in Sirsa


    In a shocking development, more than 600 skeletons have been discovered from what used to be the headquarter of the rapist Gurmeet Singh, now jailed for raping two of his followers.

    600 skeletons

    Officials suspect that these skeletons may have been the bodies of those killed and buried by the rapist baba. One theory being floated by the Dera officials is that they were the bodies of Dera supporters, who had wished to be buried inside the premises.

    Police have launched a full-blown investigation into the discovery of such a large number of human skeletons.

    Gurmeet is already facing two murder charges including that of the journalist, whose newspaper had carried the anonymous letter of one of his female followers alleging rape against the rapist baba. He was sentenced to 20 years of jail in that case.

    The rapist baba has also been accused of murdering those, who challenged his authority in the past. Gurmeet was known to have run a parallel empire inside the Dera premises, spread over 600-acre.

    He enjoyed political patronage of both BJP and Congress governments in the past. The political parties failed to take action against him to take advantage of his huge vote-bank among his followers- 1.5 crore in numbers.

    BJP leaders were particularly close to Gurmeet and donated more than Rs 1 crore in the last few years. In 2014, after winning the Haryana assembly elections, BJP’s Kailash Vijayvargiya had paraded all the newly elected MLAs in front of the rapist baba. Justifying his decision, Vijayvargiya had said that there was nothing wrong in seeking the rapist Gurmeet’s blessings.



    1. Ram Rahim singh shoild be booked for possessing skeletons besides the present cases. He might have also been a cannibal and a murderer of innocents

    2. Are there any GRAVEYARDS anywhere in the world, which do NOT have SKELETONS? What is the EXACT MEANING of stating that any GRAVEYARD had SKELETONS of nearly 600 DEAD PERSONS? There are many communities that BURY the BODIES of DEAD RELATIVES, which turn into SKELETONS after some time. So what is strange about that fact?

      • Graveyards have to be registered. You can’t randomly bury people in your backyard and call it a graveyard. There is also paperwork to be submitted for each person buried/cremated without which you cannot get a corporation/municipal death certificate which is essential for closing bank accounts, inheritance related matters and so on – which is to say that this is definitely very suspicious and very likely a crime scene and not an ordinary burial ground.


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