50 Dalits in Uttar Pradesh announce conversion to Islam


At least 50 Dalits in Uttar Pradesh have announced they were converting to Islam following a rise in atrocities against their community.

50 dalits convert islam

A group of Dalits in Moradabad took idols of Hindu deities to immerse in the nearby river.

One local resident told ABP News, “Barbers refused to cut our hair under pressure from the members of the upper caste. Our beard grew and we began to look like Muslims. It was then we decided to embrace Islam.”

Hearing the news of Dalits converting to Islam, some Bajrang Dal members arrived at the spot and made desperate attempts to persuade them to not go ahead with their action. But, the Dalits refused to budge and reiterated their plans to embrace Islam.

The Dalits said that they had high hopes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and newly appointed Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, but both, according to them, had become ‘anti-Dalits.’


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