COVID-19 Lockdown: 15 migrant workers killed after being run over by train in Maharashtra


In a tragic incident, at least 15 migrant workers were killed after being run over by a speeding goods train in Aurangabad district on Friday.

15 migrant workers
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Quoting police officials, news agency PTI reported that the workers were walking to Bhusawal from Jalna on their way to their native place in Madhya Pradesh. They were walking along the rail tracks and had decided to sleep on the tracks due to exhaustion when they were killed by the train.

They were killed at 5.15 am on Friday morning.

Millions of migrant workers were left stranded in March when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown with four hours of notice. The government only decided to run special train six weeks after the nationwide lockdown pushed most of them to utter misery with visuals of helpless workers walking hundreds of kilometers to return to their native places.


  1. It is my suggestion that all locomotives being used during this period be fitted with one or two extra powerful lights (lamps) and either an extra hooter or a piercing siren to warn both people and animals near or on the tracks about the oncoming train. Loco drivers with perfect 6/6 vision in both eyes only should be on duty with a supernumerary driver in perfect health in the co-drivers seat also on the alert look-out. The incident in Amritsar during Dusshera may have a contributing factor of the locomotives’ main lamp not working properly. Besides, it doesn’t harm to use the hooter when approaching a bend. Standard Operating Procedures can be revised to include avoidance of such eventualities.


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