More than 100 students fall ill due to food poisoning at Step by Step school in Noida


Around 150 students fell ill due to food poisoning at Noida’s Step By Step school on Thursday. The students were later taken to different hospitals including Jaypee and Apollo for treatment.


Step by Step is one of the most high profile and expensive private schools in Noida. The administration has decided to close the school on Friday in view of yesterday’s shocking incident.

The episode has left the parents utterly shocked. One parent told Janta Ka Reporter, “We shifted our two children to SBS since we have heard good things about the school’s reputation. But, what happened yesterday was truly shocking.”

The school administration is accused of underplaying the severity of the crisis. One mother, wishing not to be identified said, “More than 100 students fell ill due to food poisoning on Thursday but to avoid negative publicity the school decided to shift the affected students to many hospitals so that there’s no media spotlight on the story. Thankfully my daughter is out of danger by this is extremely worrying. We expect better facilities from SBS when we pay so much. This was a criminal negligence.”

The school, when contacted, refused to speak to Janta Ka Reporter saying that the person responsible for speaking to media was not available since ‘school is closed today.’

Noida District Magistrate BN Singh too was unavailable for comments.

Noida has witnessed a mushrooming of private schools in the recent years with all charging exorbitant money to parents on the pretext of providing better education and facilities. What happened on Thursday was a grim reminder that a tragedy of monumental proportion is waiting to happen if urgent steps are not taken to monitor the functioning of private schools in Noida.


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