Subramanian Swamy publicly attacks CNN-News18 journalist Marya Shakil, calls her part of ‘AJ Pvt Ltd’s cartel’

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BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday launched a stunning attack against a TV journalist working for CNN-News18 by calling her a part of a ‘cartel known as AJ Pvt Ltd.’ AJ is believed to be a reference to Union Minister Arun Jaitley, who he has locked horns with on several occasions in the past.

The journalist in question is Marya Shakil, who works for CNN-News18. Swamy wrote, “PTs : Beware of Marya Shakil of CNN News 18. She is part of a cartel known as AJ Pvt Ltd. Whatever she says is modified on SMS from that cartel. I have already informed the CNN News 18 management,”

His comments drew sharp reactions from journalists. Sankarshan Thakur of The Telegraph wrote, “Sorry, but this is a cheap tangential shot at a journalist in battles you should directly wage against your rivals.”

Shakil has not reacted to Swamy’s incredible public attack yet, but she has found plenty of support from social media users. One user wrote, “Swamy’s biggest contribution to the BJP in this year’s Lok Sabha polls will be if he can keep his tongue in control.’ Many others made similar suggestions.

The rivalry between Jaitley and Swamy is old. Only last year, the BJP MP had hinted at Jaitley’s alleged role in facilitating the escape of liquor baron Vijay Mallya from India.

Taking to Twitter, Swamy had written that Mallya had met someone ‘powerful,’ who had managed to change the ‘Look Out Notice for him at airports’ to just ‘reporting his departure.’ Swamy had tweeted, “Mallya could not escape from India because of a strong Look Out Notice for him at airports. He then came to Delhi and met someone who was powerful enough to change the Notice from blocking his departure to just reporting his departure. Who was that person who dilute this LON?”

Mallya had later dropped a bombshell by announcing that he had informed Jaitley, then the country’s finance minister, about his intention to leave India.



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