“Shame on him and on you”: Indian Idol judge Vishal Dadlani lashes out at activist for defending Arnab Goswami on WhatsApp chat leak


Indian Idol judge Vishal Dadlani has lashed out at activist Rahul Easwar for defending Arnab Goswami on the alleged leaked WhatsApp chat. Dadlani, a music composer of repute in Bollywood, reacted after Easwar said that Goswami’s patriotism must not be questioned even after the WhatsApp chat revealed how he had allegedly celebrated the killings of 40 plus Indian soldiers in Pulwama last year. In another chat, Goswami had allegedly claimed to know about the Balakot airstrikes at least three days before the Indian Air Force carried out military exercises deep inside Pakistan.

Easwar took to Twitter to write, “I have known #ArnabGoswami ji for 12 years. He is a #Patriot who loves our motherland #India . I strongly disagree with many of his positions, but Sri Arnab won’t even think of anything bad for our nation. @republic #StayStrong #RepublicTV.”

A visibly angry Dadlani replied, “If he celebrated the death of 40 of our soldiers as a “Big win”, and you are choosing to defend that, then YOUR own patriotism is clearly questionable. Shame on him and on you.”

In a subsequent tweet, Dadlani wrote, “Someone needs to tell it like it is. If Arnab had info about an op classified Top Secret, is that not a criminal offence under the Official Secrets Act? If so, shouldn’t Arnab be prosecuted & an enquiry instituted against the Def.Min, Home Min. & PMO to “locate the leak”?”

Dadlani was reacting to a special coverage by Times Now, Goswami’s former employer, on the alleged WhatsApp leak leaving the Republic TV founder exposed. Meanwhile, the Congress has said that it will make an official statement within the next 48 hours on the controversy. However, several senior leaders from Maharashtra and Kerala have asked Goswami to be tried for treason under the Official Secrets Act.

Congress spokesperson Shama Mohamed tweeted, “#ArnabGate exposed that BJP govt told #ArnabGoswami about the Balakot strike 3 days before it happened.Leaking top secret details about defence strategies to a private citizen is not only a massive security breach but TREASON by GOI . Government of India must be held accountable!.”

Congress leader from Maharashtra Sachin Sawant tweeted, “It is a question of National Security. Will soon demand High level Inquiry about the WhatsApp chats between Arnab Goswami and Partho Dasgupta.”

In the viral leaked WhatsApp chat, Goswami had allegedly predicted the Balakot airstrikes three days before the military exercise took place.


  1. Does this leak (authentic). This does not fit with his character known over the years.Some media channels,like Mumbai police appear to be after him to malign him.We will wait.

  2. We have our own traitors in our country one Sùresh Hattangadi and second is this gooswami . Shame on you still beleiving this character who was happy that his TV got the ratings and doubt about his whatsapp leaks you people dont have shame mate

  3. Even if it’s true about the information on Balakot Strike before hand through their private chat. But the question still remains, why was it leaked now to the Media by the law enforcers, rather it should have been concealed and taken up at the appropriate level instead. This proves the malicious and malafide intent of the perpetrators.

    Jai Hind, Vandemataram.


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