Salman Khan may support Sreesanth and Dipika Kakar, but duo has no escape from gang of four in Bigg Boss 12 house


Salman Khan recently came under fire from social media users after he was accused of blatantly showing his biases in favour of former India cricketer Sreesanth on the Bigg Boss show. Many had mocked the famous Bollywood star after Sreesanth walked out of the room even when the former was in conversation with him.

Salman Khan

Some social media users felt that Sreesanth’s act was extraordinary given that no one in the past had mustered this courage to be so disdainful to Salman. Sreesanth’s act of defiance also assumed significance in light of his comments, calling a female contestant of the show a prostitute. Some were quick to point out how other contestants were berated by Salman for similar ‘crimes’ in the past.

Sreesanth had found support from Dipika Kakar for his perceived disgusting comments targeting Surbhi Rana. Dipika had later gone inside the bathroom, where a ‘sobbing’ Sreesanth had locked himself in after storming out of the room, where other housemates were in conversation with Salman.

Buoyed by seemingly showing Salman his place on the reality show, Sreesanth continued with his antics. Though he was seen apologising to Surbhi, but it was more like ‘I am doing a favour to you.’

Meanwhile, the former India cricketer, who was banned for spot-fixing in IPL matches, has found no support from other housemates such as Rohit Suchanti, Karanvir Bohra, Surbhi and Deepak Thakur. The gang of four has become the most-talked-about contestants for their friendship. They are often seen coming to each other’s rescue whenever one of them has an argument with housemates outside their ‘gang.’

On Monday night too, when Romil Chaudhary threatened to physically assault Rohit, both Surbhi and Deepak retaliated with equal vigour and dared him to touch their ‘friend.’ Rohit also found support from Karanvir, also known as KV.

Faced with stiff challenge, Romil had no option but to withdraw himself.

Towards the end, the famous ‘gang of four’ were seen sitting in the lawn. Slightly at a distance, Sreesanth was sitting with his ‘sister’ Dipika and Romil. Even though there was no provocation from Sreesanth, Rohit began to make gestures towards the former India pacer. This visibly irked Sreesanth, who reacted angrily. But, Rohit quickly pretended as if he making those gestures to his friends within the ‘gang of four.’ This caused plenty of laughter among his friends, causing more annoyance to Sreesanth.

The ‘gang of four’ has also not spared Dipika, Sreesanth’s best friend in the house. She has reportedly complained to the makers of the show, “I’ve been tolerating their teasing for last 11 weeks. It is as if we are beggars and at their mercy.”




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