Real Arnab Goswami and his cheap version both face condemnation after opinion/exit poll predictions proved horribly wrong


A TV anchor working for Mukesh Ambani-owned channel has been facing incessant social media roasting on Twitterati after opinion/Exit polls on the just-concluded assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana went horribly wrong. Amish Devgan, often dubbed as poor man’s Arnab Goswami, too had flaunted his TV channel’s exit poll predictions giving the BJP 75 out of 90 seats in Haryana and 243 for BJP-Shiv Sena combine out of 288 in Maharashtra. In reality, the BJP got 40 seats, five less than the required majority and 35 less than what the poor man’s Arnab Goswami had predicted on his channel, in Haryana. As for Maharashtra, the final tally of the BJP-Shiv Sena combine in Maharashtra stood at 161, 27 less than what the alliance had won in 2014 and 82 less than what Devgan had wished for them.

Arnab Goswami

Devgan or the cheap version of Arnab Goswami wasn’t alone in getting the opinion/exit polls, often dubbed by critics as a propaganda exercise to benefit the BJP. Yashwant Deshmukh, whose CVoter made even more astonishing claims in favour of the BJP for the ABP News channel, has was quick to apologise for predicting 83 out of 90 seats for the BJP in Haryana. He wrote on Twitter, “With a lot of egg on the face. Which is humbling indeed. Will continue my effort to convert into a survey agency. Again.”

This was after several social media users including Supreme Court lawyer took to Twitter to mock Deshmukh’s predictions.

Deshmukh also urged Twitterati to not troll Sumit Awasthi of ABP News since the latter’s channel, ABP News, had used his predictions.

This was after Awasthi faced incessant trolling for allegedly using a fake opinion poll in a bid to help the BJP. Awasthi, for his part, defended his channel by holding Deshmukh’s C-Voter responsible for the false predictions.

However, not all were convinced as they dug out his old tweets claiming that the opinion polls were by not just C-Voter but also ABP News.

Another person, who stopped short of apologising for making horribly wrong predictions was Pradeep Bhandari of Jan Ki Baat. Bhandari had made poll predictions for Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV. According to him, BJP was set to win 52-63 seats in Haryana, while the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance was set to win 216- 230 seats in Maharashtra.

He wrote on Twitter after the results:

Indian Youth Congress took to Twitter to target ‘Modi Bhakt’ Amish Devgan and advised someone to get him admitted in a mental asylum in Agra in Uttar Pradesh.

Devgan reacted angrily and asked if the person managing the Twitter handle of the IYC was in Agra himself.

Apologies or no apologies, the results of Haraya and Maharashtra assembly polls have once again brought into lighy the questionable methology of India’s so-called pollster fraternity.


  1. With idiots like Goswami & Devgan on the Idiot Box…. I have thrown my TV and stop seeing news…….

    Thanks Goswami Devgan for letting me save money


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