Rahul Gandhi’s chilling warning to RSS-leaning civil servants, says ‘will eliminate every single RSS worker from government institutions’


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that those wanting to divide India along the lines of religion must not forget the contribution of minorities in the nation building process of the country. In a chilling warning to RSS-leaning civil servants, Gandhi said that they must remember that they are not working for ‘RSS bureaucracy but they were part of the Indian bureaucracy.’

Rahul Gandhi to RSS-leaning civil servants:

You will not work for one single organisation but for the people of India.

Gandhi also took exception to BJP President Amit Shah’s reported statement that India was a golden bird implying that India was not a country but a product. He also took a dig at the RSS for running the country with a remote control from Nagpur.

The RSS wants to run the country from Nagpur. They want to set aside the constitutional framework of India. That’s why when a CBI Director wants to take action against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on corruption, he is dismissed from his post and is replaced by an RSS man. Their objective is to kill every institution of India

Gandhi said that his party believed that institutions in India belonged to the country and not his party adding that it was determined to protect the sanctity of these institutions. He said, “They think they are above the country. In three months’ time, the country is going to teach them a lesson that the country was above them (BJP and RSS).”

Gandhi also said that the Madhya Pradesh’s BJP government had allocated Rs 800 crore for a ministry comprising just RSS workers.

I want to assure them that we will eliminate every single RSS worker from government institutions in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

Several civil servants under the BJP governments have come out in the open to support the Hindutva ideology of the RSS. Notable among them is Sanjay Dixit from Rajasthan, who has had to face public condemnation for his glaring anti-Muslim agenda on social media.

Speaking at the event organised by his party’s minority cell, Gandhi said, “I want to speak about minorities. This country doesn’t belong to people belonging to one particular religion, language and region. This country belongs to every single citizen of India. This fight is between two ideologies. One ideology says that this country belongs to everyone. I want to give an example. Who was the first education minister of India? What was his name? Maulana (Abul Kalam) Azad. Today, if you talk about IITs, IIMs and the education system in general, then you must talk about Maulana Azad.”




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