“Quarantine Arnab Goswami” trends after SC told that cop, who grilled Republic TV founder, tests positive for COVID-19; Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star react to antics


“Quarantine Arnab Goswami”: Hashtag #QuarantineArnab has trended on Twitter after Republic TV founder’s lawyer Harish Salve recently informed the Supreme Court that the cop, who had interrogated his client, has tested positive for COVID-19. This came just days after FIR actress Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait targeted Goswami for his recent shenanigans.

Arguing for Arnab Goswami in the Supreme Court on Monday, Salve had made a sensational claim that one of the cops, who grilled Goswami for more than 12 hours, had now tested positive for coronavirus.

Salve had said, “…Two officers who interrogated him were asymptomatic and one has been tested #COVID19 positive.”

Goswami had approached the top court seeking quashing of another FIR filed against him by the Mumbai Police for spreading religious enmity in the country by his TV broadcast during the coverage of the gathering of migrant workers in Bandra. Goswami had mischievously chosen to focus his attention on the existence of a mosque in the vicinity even though the Muslims’ place of worship had nothing to do with the gathering o migrant workers.

Soon after Salve made a sensational claim about a cop from the Mumbai Police testing positive for COVID-19, Congress supporters took to Twitter demanding that Arnab Goswami must be quarantined as part of the established COVID-19 procedures. Soon hashtag #QuarantineArnab became a top Twitter trend.

The Mumbai Police had interrogated Goswami for over 12 hours last month in case related to Goswami’s TV broadcast on the Palghar lynching, which saw two Hindu monks being murdered by a mob on suspicion of being thieves. Goswami was accused of making desperate attempts to make the lynching a communal issue even though Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh had made it abundantly clear that the killers of two Hindu monks were also Hindus.

Earlier, FIR actress Kavita Kaushik, Mulk director Anubhav Sinha and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait had criticised Goswami for his recent shenanigans.


  1. Who is Harish Salve,,, another puppet pig of this idiotic Poornab, and what has the testing of the cop got to do with the interrogation,,, perhaps Salve you too may be tested positive too and you along with the cop. And Armando should all be locked in one room together under quarantine and then you can carry on your business of saving LIARS,,

  2. Great. I am fully agreed 101%. All of this Arnab gau-Swamy and his liar company troupe should be all quarantined immediately in the jail.

  3. Jokes and personal bias apart, arnab is a gem of press india, pls save him and his team by quarantine and quick test, he have lot of work pressure can’t think of himself. Pls Mumbai police, take care of him and arrange quarantine.

  4. Arnab is more dangerous virus than covid 19 he should be put behind the bars so that whole nation can have a sigh of relief

  5. Very interesting observation…..one communist and some converted hindus having problem with a person with a nationalist attitude…..how pathetic

  6. What are the judges waiting for? This mouthpiece of so-called national media must be quarantined for the safety of other stuff of the Republic TV.

  7. Why soo called secular people becomes communal sometimes truth are bitter for few, he is Indian. All’ secular people help Kashmiri pandits

  8. More than covid 19, he is a dangerous virus for India. We need Arnab vaccine as well to protect India! Quarantine this brainwashed moron!

  9. I hope Arnav Goswami must have learnt his lessons by now, what he couldn’t learn in school days.

  10. Guys..chill. why you guys always kwetch …think about yourself and your family. If arnab is wrong let the law deal with him, if you are wrong let nature deal with you. Journalism has no ethics a known fact..so why bring all this stress..chill, enjoy all this clowns , their act of pointing fingers at eachother… It is like watching wrestling. If you thing you can make a change..join politics and be them..which is what you guys are exemplifying. SO WAKE UP AND LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE DOING ANY DIFFERENT FROM ARNAB..to a common man is the same.

  11. I think whole team needs to get quarantine as Mr Arnab has moved to studio else it may help to increase the ratio of covid 19 patients

  12. Screamers like Arnab deserve to be quarantined till
    Covid 19 is totally wiped out from the world for a swach India!

  13. Wow all anti-social elements on dias targeting nationalist. I think we need to sanitize these fickle minded people & teaching secularism in india they would have tried in countries where peace people are majority.

  14. I can’t understand how questioning anyone on their selective outrage on terrorists & nothing on sadhus is being considered as communal hatred by these people with “over the top intellect” in those tweets


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