#Pray_for_Neasamani causes meme fest on social media as north Indians worry about Tamil ‘celebrity’s’ health


Twitter on Wednesday erupted with a meme fest as #Pray_for_Neasamani became a top national trend prompting many unsuspecting north Indians to worry about the health of a famous Tamil ‘celebrity.’ As the popularity of the hashtag on Neasamani gained momentum, many non-Tamilians were seen asking ‘who’s Neasamani?’ They suspected Neasamani to be a top Tamil celebrity, who had fallen ill.


Journalist Vasudha Venugopal asked, “What or who is this Neasamani?” Another user Abdul Rahman wrote, “Who is nesamani and what happened to him?”

In reality, Neasamani is a character from hit 2001 Tamil comedy film Friends, where he gets injured after a hammer falls on his head. The character of Neasamani, who’s a painting contractor in the film, was played by actor Vadivelu. The ‘culprit’ accidentally dropping the hammer on Neasamani’s head was the film’s character Krishnamoorthy, played by Ramesh Khanna.

It appeared that some Tamil social media users were keen to have a laugh ahead of Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony, scheduled for 30 May (today), so they started this quirky trend. Many social media users were seen taking pride in stopping the BJP’s entry into Tamil Nadu in the just-concluded parliamentary polls. The Neasamani meme fest, they said, was a great stress buster to deal with the ‘sadness’ of Modi’s election as Indian’s prime minister for the second term.

While some north Indians mistook Neasamani for a real celebrity in distress, Tamilians could not hold their amusement on the microblogging site. This led to a flood-gate of thousands of memes. Also joining the fun were Chennai Super Kings and KTV, both of whom shared their own memes using their official Twitter handles.

Here are some of them. Be prepared for a laughter riot.

Tamil social media users did not stop here. They began to demand the arrest of Krishnamoorthy for having caused so much grief to their ‘icon.’

There were many who sarcastically wrote that an online petition had been launched demanding that Communists drop the Suthiyal or hammer from their election symbol because it was the hammer or suthiyal that was used to ‘hurt’ Neasamani..

Social media platforms have often been condemned for promoting negativity. #Pray_for_Neasamani came as the much-needed breather, causing unending laughter riots.


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