Oscar-winner Resul Pookutty lashes out at Indian media for ignoring Kerala’s calamity, urges Keralites to help themselves


Oscar-winning artist Resul Pookutty has lashed out at the national media for ignoring the plight of people in Kerala, which is currently bearing the brunt of one of its worst floods in recent times.

79 people have died in the nature’s fury and millions have been adversely affected while hundreds of thousands of people rendered homeless. But the news has not found the place that it deserved in the Delhi-based channels.

Pookutty, who won Oscar and BAFTA for his work as a sound mixer in Slumdog Millionaire took to Twitter to vent out his frustration, “My dear #NationalMedia this is #KochiAirport as of now! Do you all have any idea the extend of #KeralaFloods still it’s not a #NationalCalamity! My #Keralites we have to deal with this on our own! Jai Hind!”

The photos shared by Pookutty barely looked like Kochi airport. Had it not been for the presence of the parked aircraft, the photo could have been mistaken as any other marooned part of Kerala. The authorities have suspended the operations at Kochi Airport till 26 August.

Pookutty, in his follow-up tweet, also expressed his anguish over perceived apathy by the central government. He asked, “Why this apathy… how did central Govt dealt with Kashmir flood?!”

Earlier in the day, Pookutty also urged his friends in Boillywood to contribute generously with money to help the flood victims. He wrote, “My dear friends in #Bollywood please be generous in helping my state.Every gesture counts millions now.”

He appeared to have found an ally in John Abraham, who said that he was extremely disturbed by what was happening in Kerala, where heavy rains have led to flooding of several districts.

John, who had the fondest childhood memories of Kerala, on Thursday morning urged people to donate to the Chief Minister’s fund to help the flood-hit people. “Extremely disturbed by what is happening in Kerala. My fondest childhood memories have been there. Please come forward and donate to the chief minister’s fund,” John wrote.

With rains still pouring down heavily leading to flooding of dams and rivers across Kerala, 12 fresh deaths were reported on Thursday, taking the toll to 79, since 8 August.


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