Naseeruddin Shah calls Virat Kohli world’s worst behaved player, adds ‘I have no intention of leaving country’


Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah has slammed Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli by calling him the world’s ‘worst behaved batsman.’ In his short but hard-hitting social media post, Shah said that Kohli’s cricketing brilliance ‘pales beside his arrogance and bad manners.’

The Dirty Picture actor wrote, “Virat K is not only the worlds best batsman but also the worlds worst behaved player. His cricketing brilliance pales beside his arrogance and bad manners.. And I have no intention of leaving the country by the way. (sic)”

The last sentence of Shah’s post was in reference to Kohli’s recent social media post asking those cricket fans to leave India, who admired foreign cricketers.

Shah’s comments evoked mixed reactions from social media users with right-wing supporters attacking the actor for his strong views against Kohli. Many of them linked his freedom of expression to his religious identity as a Muslim. One user Nimesh Kumar wrote, “Had Virat been ‘Mohammed Viratuddin Khan’, this Naseeruddin shah would have loved him and offered all his heartful appreciation for him. Sadly, this Mullah is jealous and disappointed.”

Many other users asked him to leave India and go to Pakistan. A user by the name David Johnson wrote, ” Your comments have made you very popular with Pakistanis today. Don’t you think you should move there? What is the point in living in a country where you are truly hated? Better move to Pakistan, and enjoy all the adulation over there!”

However, user Gaurav Verma agreed with the actor and said, “And this is why he won’t be termed as legend. That Same thing happened with Ponting. Great batsman but awful person.”

Kohli, who’s leading the India side in Australia right now, was caught embroiled into an ugly spat with his Australian counterpart Tim Paine. Such was the fiasco that the umpires had to intervene. At one point the umpire was heard saying, ” Heyy.. Heyy.. That’s enough. Just play the game. ‘You both are captains’.”

In 2016, Shah had courted controversy after he allegedly criticised actor Anupam Kher for his stand on Jammu and Kashmir. News agency PTI had quoted as saying, “A person who has never lived in Kashmir has started a fight for Kashmiri Pandits. Suddenly, he became a displaced person.”

Reacting to Shah’s comments, Kher had tweeted, “Shah Saab ki Jai Ho. By that logic NRI’s should not think about India at all.:)”


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