Michael Vaughan highlights India’s cattle menace under Modi government, gets brutally trolled by Indians


Former England captain Michael Vaughan has had to face a brutal trolling after he inadvertently highlighted the growing cattle menace in India under the Narendra Modi government. Vaughan, who’s in India on an IPL commitment, had written how he was enjoying his experience in India after seeing all kinds of animals right in the middle of the road.

Michael Vaughan

His tweet had read, “Love traveling in #India … So far this morning we have seen Elephants,Cows,Camels,Sheep,Goats & Pigs all in the middle of the road …”

His tweets appeared to rub many Indians up the wrong away as they reacted angrily to Vaughan’s social media post. Here’s how social media users reacted to Vaughan’s tweet

However, not everyone was upset over his tweet as many agreed with him and praised the former English skipper for highlighting a simple fact. The cattle menace has become a real cause for concern in India after Narendra Modi came to power. For the fear of being killed by right-wing terrorists masquerading as cow-vigilantes, farmers are increasingly abandoning their cattle since there are not enough buyers.

The cattle menace has also become a big election issue in Uttar Pradesh, where farmers have often complained of their crops being destroyed by stray animals.

Faced with incessant trolling, Vaughan was later forced to issue a clarification, which read, “You praise a person .. You have a vested interest … You praise a country .. You have a vested interest … You praise a way of living .. you have a vested interest .. You criticise .. You have a vested interest .. Are we allowed to do anything ? Or is that a vested interest?”

However, only if knew that he wasn’t alone in highlighting what has become a real menace under the Modi government. This has prompted many foreigners to start viewing India as the land of snake charmers as used to be the perception of the country in the 90s.


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