Kapil Sharma’s new show ‘targets’ Arvind Kejriwal, proves why he’s undisputed King of Comedy on TV


Kapil Sharma’s much-awaited comedy show on Sony TV was launched on Saturday and the performance by the comedian proved just why he’s regarded the King of Comedy on Indian television.

Kapil introduced his cast comprising Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar, Kiku Sharda, Sumona Chakravarti, Navjot Singh Sidhu and Chandan Prabhakar.


King Shah Rukh Khan’s presence in the inaugural programme, shot in Delhi, was another highlight of Kapil Sharma Show.

Since the show was shot in the national capital, the AAP government and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal dominated the comedians’ skits.

Delhi chief minister has been at a centre of many comedy skits even in the past and he’s known for taking them in right spirit.

Here are the highlights of Kapil’s inaugural show!

Kapil to his teammate Chandan Prabhakar: Hamare team mein koi aam aadmi hai to woh yeh hai. Is ka munh dekhkar hi AAP ne jhadu chunav chinha rakha tha. (If anyone who is an Aam Aadmi in our team is him. AAP had decided to select broom as its election symbol only after seeing his face.)

On Delhi government’s Odd-Even scheme: Odd-Even scheme should also be applied to husband and wife. One day only husband should speak, the other day the wife.

Kapil to a Delhi woman: Do you know what’s Arvind Kejriwal called at home? He’s called baby because every husband addresses her husband as baby.

Simona: If you trouble me again, I will complain to Kejriwal.

Kapil: Why should he listen to you, he himself keeps complaining about others.

Shah Rukh Khan: Why would he listen to you? Do you wash his mufflers?

Kiku Sharda to Ali Asgar: Ham zara si even kya hue yeh to odd hu gayi?

Sunil Grover to Kapil Sharma: How do I believe he’s Shah Rukh Khan

Kapil Sharma:  Because he has dimples

Sunil Grover: Har khaansne wala kejriwal nahi hota (Not everyone who coughs is Kejriwal)

Kapil Sharma: I will complain to Kejriwal

Sunil Grover: What’s the use he doesn’t even have Delhi Police under him and I’m from Haryana.



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