Kapil Sharma reportedly abstains from alcohol, results are heartening


Comedian actor Kapil Sharma is back on social and his millions of fans are simply relieved to see the positive transformation the popular TV host has undergone in the recent weeks.

Kapil Sharma

The actor’s fall from the grace had forced him into an oblivion of sorts. When a few months ago, he was spotted outside the Mumbai airport, he looked beyond recognition as the depression had taken its tool on him. Though he promised to return to his old glory, not many believed him since he was seen in a miserable condition a few weeks later when he left for a holiday to Europe.

The popular comedian is now gearing to return to TV with a show, whose details are not known to many people. People close to Kapil say that he has been working incredibly hard on his fitness and mental strength. He’s been reportedly spending time at Bengaluru’s Ayurvedic Ashram with an intention to detoxify himself. As part of the treatment, he has also reportedly abstained from alcohol.

And the results are heartening. He’s suddenly become very active on the microblogging site, where has in excess of 12 million followers. He’s been interacting with his fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

When singer Master Saleem asked him to return to the small screen and make people laugh again, Kapil replied, “Of course paaji, soon.”

In another Twitter exchange with his fan, he publicly appreciated his fan’s efforts to create a Comedy Nights set in Lonavala. Kapil wrote, “Beautiful..Thank you so much.”

He then posted a riddle by asking, “How many human beings n animals r there in this pic?”

His riddle received more than 6,000 likes and over 400 shares.

The popular comedian, who once ruled the TV, had his world torn apart after his TV show’s rating began to fall alarmingly following a public spat with his co-stars. He returned with Family Time With Kapil Sharma but the show had to be taken off air within few weeks of its launch.


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