I would rather sell underwear on streets than use Nihalani for publicity: Hansal Mehta


Bollywood director Hansal Mehta has launched a stinging attacks against Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani, accused the his opposition to granting an A-certificate to Aligarh trailer a ‘cheap publicity stunt.’

An angry Mehta told Indian Express, “These people find a very simplistic justification of any wrong that they commit. When they invade institutions like the Hyderabad university where a student has ended his life instead of addressing the students’ frustration, they are busy trying to prove that the he was not a Dalit.

“Similarly, here too instead of trying to look at why I am upset and what I am trying to address – they are instead saying I am resorting to cheap publicity. If that is so, then end my publicity spree by giving the film the certificate that it rightfully deserves. Also, if I had to derive publicity from Pahlaj Nihalani, then all the years I have spent making films would be nothing but a waste of time. I would rather sell underwear on streets than use Mr. Nihalani for publicity. ”

Mehta had recently called the censor board a cultural police. He has decided to approach the Tribunal against the censor board’s decision to grant Adult certificate to his upcoming film Aligarh’s trailer.


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