“I am the most mimicked superstar after Mr Bachchan”: Kangana Ranaut accuses Taapsee Pannu of copying her style; ‘Pink’ actor responds with ‘neurotic insecurity’ jibe


Taapsee Pannu has launched a veiled attack against Kangana Ranaut by accusing her of suffering from ‘neurotic insecurity’ after the Queen actor said the former had copied her style in a magazine photoshoot.

कंगना रनौत

The war of words started with Kangana accusing Taapsee of copying her style. The controversial actor took to Twitter to take a potshot at Taapsee after one of her fans drew her attention to Taapsee’s recent photo on Elle magazine.

Kangana wrote, “Ha ha ha I am flattered, she is a true fan, dedicated her whole existence to study and impersonate me to the point of dessolution it is rather impressive, also no other female superstar has taken over pop culture the way I have I am the most mimicked superstar after Mr Bachchan.”

Though Taapsee did not react to her charge immediately, the Pink actor later shared a quote seemingly to hit back at Kangana. Sharing the quote Taapsee wrote, “#ThoughtOfTheDay actually almost everyday now :).”

The quote by one Robert A Heinlein read, “A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.”

This is not the first time that Kangana has accused Taapsee of copying her hairstyle. In 2019, her sister Rnagoli Chandel had called Taapsee a ‘sasti (cheap) copy.’ Responding to that, Taapsee had said, “I did not know that she has a patent on curly hair because I was born with curly hair, and my parents are responsible for that. So, I cannot apologize for that either. Rest, I do not know what else I have copied.”


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