Former singer Abhijeet blocks Janta Ka Reporter, pleads to Subramanian Swamy for help


Little over a month ago, former Bollywood singer Abhijeet roared on social media terrorising innocent users particularly women by using inexplicable expletives. However, soon after reported that Mumbai Police had arrested the motormouth supporter of right-wing groups, the former singer’s tone mellowed considerably.

 singer Abhijeet

A month ago he distributed certificates on patriotism and gave grief to those who he felt weren’t Indian enough. Today, the singer of yesteryear painted a sorry picture on social media.

He posted a series of tweets alright. But none was even remotely reminiscent of his bravado and arrogance. If anything, he appeared to portray himself as a victim, who was paying a heavy price for being a ‘nationalist.’

He didn’t, however, mention that the same nationalist had once abused India by calling it a ghatiya (lowly) country.

In one tweet, Abhijeet made a desperate plea to the BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy for protection from AAP supporters.

And yes, the former singer has blocked We wonder what took him so long to do us the honours!

Here are his tweets posted after published this report.




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