First Salman Khan and now Shahid Kapoor, singer Sona Mohapatra uses ‘toxic masculinity’ jibe for both, faces backlash from Twitterati for ‘Kabir Singh’ criticism


Days after accusing Salman Khan of ‘toxic masculinity,’ singer Sona Mohapatra has now targeted Shahid Kapoor by using the same jibe. But, this time the Bedardi Raja singer is facing a backlash for blaming Shahid Kapoor for choosing to do a film, which denigrates women. Many are now accusing her of seeking media attention by routinely targeting big names in the Hindi film industry.

Sona Mohapatra

Responding to a tweet by actor Nakul Mehta, who had praised the film, Sona called Shahid Kapoor ‘creatures of ambition.’ Writing on Twitter Nakul had said, “There are 99 problems but @shahidkapoor ain’t one. Leaving the politics of the film aside, it’s a brilliant portrayal. In every frame and owned each of ’em.'”

Taking objection to Nakul’s praise for Shahid Kapoor’s film Kabir Singh, which has smashed several box office records, Sona wrote, “How can we keep such deeply disturbing, dark & dangerous politics ‘aside’? Does the actor have no responsibility for choosing to play a part in a narrative that can set us back as a society? Is that all we have become? Creatures of ambition.”

But, the singer did not find much support for her criticism of Shahid Kapoor. One user wrote, “Dear Sona….R u seriously thinking about society or seek media attention….Many more movies had come past like FIRE ..WATER….Did u raise voice against those ?” Another asked, “Ma’am @sonamohapatra before puking out acid for Kabir Singh – Movie, let me please remind that you did the playback of Bedardi Raja once! Try to appreciate. Being optimistic isn’t a crime in India. Peace.”

This angered Sona, who reacted angrily and called her critic a ‘moron’ as she wrote, “U are the nth moron trying to make such a false equivalence. A woman singing lustily & celebrating her own sexuality isn’t likely to cause violence & isn’t the same thing as a man grabbing a woman without her consent,kissing her apart from several other such toxic masculine acts.”

Meanwhile, Nakul has hit back at Sona by disagreeing with her. He wrote in his subsequent tweet, “A dialogue is a must. We must question it, discuss it. As an artist, must I judge the character I play? Maybe not. As a thinking individual? Yes. Can we separate the performance from the performer? Tough questions we must ask ourselves, given the times we are in.”

Meanwhile, Kabir Singh has continued to shine at the box office with the film turning out to be Shahid Kapoor’s biggest ever hit. It has collected more than Rs. 70 crore in just three days.


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