“Even if Siddharth Shukla kills someone in the house, he would be justified and made to look like a hero! SHAME”: Producer Sandiip Sikcand lashes out at Bigg Boss


Film producer Sandiip Sikcand has lashed out at the makers of Bigg Boss reality show accusing them of blatant biases in favour of contestant Siddharth Shukla. Sikcand took to Twitter to allege that Colors TV may project Siddharth a hero even if he kills someone in the reality show.

Bigg Boss

Sikcand’s tweet read, “Bigg boss 13 is a JOKE !! I think even if Sidharth Shukla kills someone in the house, he would be justified and made to look like a hero ! SHAME !! #BiggBoss13 #EvictSidharthShukla.”

His subsequent tweet on the same topic read, “Disgusted with BIGG BOSS !! Unfair, totally biased , dirty & pathetic !! The contestants should revolt & leave !! Totally support Rashmi Desai and Asim.”

He didn’t stop here. In his concluding tweet, Sikcand demanded the immediate ouster of Siddharth for his repeated violence. He wrote, “This year its SIDDHARTH SHULKA presents BIGG BOSS 13 ! He is the whole and sole – no one dare to say a word to him ! #ShameOnBiggBoss #ThrowSiddharthoutofBiggBoss.”

Sikcand’s outbursts came days after Siddharth was seen showing even the show’s host Salman Khan his place with his audacious behaviour during the Weekend Ka Vaar show. Astonishingly, even Salman appeared visibly frightened and did not admonish Siddharth despite his latest act of violence against Arhaan Khan and Asim Riaz and misogyny against Rashami Desai.

Instead, Salman had admonished Rashami for bringing disrepute to herself. Sikcand is not the only one to criticise the makers of Bigg Boss for biases. Several journalists and experts have taken to Twitter to slam Colors TV and Salman for biases in favour of Siddharth.


  1. Chhal sale kuchh vi.janta KO akal ha salo.rashmi Ki tarah ghatiya soch h tum sabki.bigg boss AK Asa show h jahna Jan ta deceit karti h kon galat kon sehi samjhe chutiya

  2. Nonsense. Our SID don’t have a dirty mind like this dirty rashmi #Aidiladki. Stop barking and shouting against SID. He is the real hero of bigboss and only 5% chutiya hate him rest all love him because he is honest he is real.
    We Love SID dil se

  3. And about Rashmi uttering nonsense in front of Salman…Sid is sick but these idiots can’t stop poking him..no matter what, Sid will handle it and keep shining

  4. Totally biased show in favour of Siddharth Shukla. Color TV is trying to make him Hero of the house. Real hero is Asim because in most of the cases he used to be calm in recent episodes.

  5. Color TV’s DAMAAD afterall!!!!
    I think he should learn something from Last year winner DIPIKA. Very neatly she played and win the Trophy….

  6. Well said sir. I agree with the statement. Shukla is wrong many a times. I dont know why Salman Khan never shout at him n tell him he is wrong. Shukla is really disgusting and Mannerless person.

  7. Ohhh shut up! Don’t even know what’s going on and you take it to Twitter to tweet utter bullshit! Why do these idiots go onto Sid in the first place? This guy doesn’t even talk about anyone or plot against anyone!

  8. Ye janta ka reporter news paper biased hai.. Sandeep Sick aand ko kaun janta hai bhai.. who the hell is he ?? Faltoo ka Sid judge kyun kar raha hai itna??

  9. Seriously well said
    Sidhart always keeps bitching
    Always he does
    And pretend as if he doesn’t knw anything

    Why public is andhay don’t knw

    I doesn’t support any one all are same

    Sidhart is biggg dall badlu

    Now supporting mahira n paras

    Seriously very biased show

  10. Sid is the worst Contestant in bb13. He knows that if he will not provke other contestant to fight with rashmi and arhan that is why mahira hurt arhan so that rashmi shout at everyone and say something wrong and sid will get a chance to win. Sid is the losser. Shame on you bb13 makers. Totally Biased

  11. I go with Mr Sikcand’s view and opinion, Siddharth ka itna galat attitude aur ego Shayad kisiko dikh nahi Raha Hai ya dekhna nahi chahaten Hain. Usey Kabhi kaam karte Toh dekha hi nahi, sirf dadagiri aur auraton kitarah baatein karta Nazar Aaya Hai.

  12. I don’t even support reshmi desai also she also have very bad behavior cheap reshmi desai asim should be the winner and and if i have power i will kick arhaan from bigg boss house also arhaan is bad then Siddharth shukla


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